Bethesda Reveals Quake - Champions as PC Exclusive

| 12 Jun 2016 22:25

In the same vein as this year's Doom reboot, it looks like an old-school style Quake reboot is in the works.

Bethesda has kicked off its E3 press conference with a bang, revealing a completely new title: Quake - Champions, with a CGI trailer. From the looks of things, this Quake reboot is taking things back old-school style, in the same vein that this year's Doom reboot did. Check it out to the right.

In its press conference, Bethesda said that the game would be an arena-style PC exclusive. Rather than the traditional Quake gameplay of picking up guns throughout the level, players will choose specific "Champions" to play as, who each have specific weapons and abilities (a-la Overwatch). There will, of course, be no limit on framerates for the game, as it is designed to be incredibly fast-paced like the Quake arena shooters of old.

There will be more information revealed on the title at this year's Quakecon. No release date information was provided.

Source: Bethesda

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