New No Man's Sky Trailer Shows Off Space and Ground Combat

| 20 Jul 2016 12:00

The latest trailer for No Man's Sky shows just what combat in space and on the surface will look like.

We've seen plenty of trailers for No Man's Sky, and the game definitely looks good. But with the release less than a month away, people are looking to see more. This new trailer is the second in a four-part series showing off different facets of the game, with this one focusing on combat.

You can imagine that there will be plenty of ship combat as you travel the galaxy, but you'll also be fighting on the surface of planets as well. The trailer shows a player taking on native wildlife, mechs, and more.

The third and fourth videos in the series will feature trading and survival, respectively. They'll be released in the coming weeks. If you can't wait for No Man's Sky, it will be released on PC and PS4 on August 9.

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