PlayStation 4 Slim's New Controller Redesign Leaked

| 22 Aug 2016 21:33

A video of the redesigned DualShock controller that will come with the PS4 Slim has hit the internet.

Over the weekend, someone, somehow, managed to get their hands on the "PS4 Slim", a console that Sony has yet to even mention exists. So far, it seems to be 100% legit, with Eurogamer confirming that it exists by actually driving out to the dude's house to check it out. But the leaks don't stop with just the revised, slimline console: the PS4 Slim will also ship with a revision to the DualShock 4 controller, which we now have a video of.

The new controller appears to not be too different from the DualShock we all know and love, with the notable addition of an additional tiny light bar across the touchpad of the controller so that players can actually see the light bar while playing. The leaker later clarified that "I am not sure that it's an additional light, It looks to be just a slim see through part on the touchpad which lets light through."

He claims that he will post more videos of both the PS4 Slim and it's new controller soon, so stay tuned to his YouTube channel.

Source: Destructoid

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