The Civilization VI Team Multiplayer Mode Can be Turned on With One Simple Edit

| 24 Oct 2016 10:20

Team multiplayer hasn't been turned on in Civilization VI yet, but you can change that with one small edit.

If you've been playing Civilization VI, you've probably noticed that there's something missing: team multiplayer. There's a thread on Reddit discussing the missing feature, and as usual, the folks participating in the discussion have found a workaround. One of the users in that thread tracked down a post over on the CivFanatics forum that reveals how to enable the feature.

Apparently the code for team multiplayer is mostly in the game, but it's been disabled with the note that reads "IMPORTANT: DISABLING TEAM PULLDOWNS UNTIL DAY 0 PATCH."If you're wondering why the feature isn't activated just yet, it's apparently because it's still abit broken. There are reports in the thread linked above that the teams are not working correctly. Apparently tech sharing doesn't work, and team alliance appear to expire after 30 turns.

If you want to give team multiplayer a go even though it's not officially released yet, you can activate the feature with one simple edit. Of course, it goes without saying that making edits to game files is a risky proposition, so make sure you back up your files before you make any changes.

If you're willing to assume that risk, here's what you need to do:

  • Head over to your Steam directory and go to this file: steamappscommonSid Meier's Civilization VIBaseAssetsUIFrontEndMultiplayerStagingRoom.lua
  • Look for line #1134, which falls right under the " -- IMPORTANT: DISABLING TEAM PULLDOWNS UNTIL DAY 0 PATCH" text. It should read "playerEntry.TeamPullDown:SetHide(true);"
  • Once you find it, change the word "true" to "false"
  • Now save the file, and give the multiplayer a try.

Again, you should be careful enabling this feature, as it's obviously not ready for mass consumption just yet, and is still somewhat broken. Hopefully, Firaxis will get team multiplayer working very soon.

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