This Wearable Subwoofer Deal Puts the Bass on Your Wrist

| 24 Apr 2017 14:00

You've got your headphones on 24/7. You know every concert venue in your city like the back of your hand. Music nuts, this one's for you. We've got the Basslet Wearable Subwoofer for $179.

Strap this subwoofer on your wrist and feel the bass - literally. The Basslet pairs with any headphones with a standard jack and syncs with your music, thumping along for six hours per charge. It's an immersive listening experience unlike any other - The Verge says it "lets you feel the music like you're at the club."

Feel the music. Get the Basslet Wearable Subwoofer for $179 at Escapist Deals.

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