Check Out The New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

| 8 May 2017 19:39

The new trailer for the upcoming sequel to 1982's Blade Runner shows us a bit more of the world of 2042.

The original Blade Runner movie, shot in 1982, was set in the "distant future" year of 2019. The sequel, due out this October, takes place 23 years later, in 2042. We got a very brief look at it earlier in the year, but now the movie's second, extended trailer has gone live. You can check it out in the video to the right.

It starts off with Jared Leto's Tyrel, in his elaborate apartment making what we assume to be new Replicants. We then see Ryan Gosling's K move his way through an outstanding recreation of the first film's Neo Los Angeles, as well as a few new locales, including what appears to be the dilapidated remains of North Korea (we can only hope).

K meets Harrison Ford, reprising his role as Deckard, and the two seemingly go on some sort of adventure. The trailer teases just enough without giving too much away, whetting our appetite for the film's October 6 release.

Source: YouTube

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