Twitch Grabs the Rights to Blizzard Tournaments, Adds Twitch Prime Loot for Overwatch

| 21 Jun 2017 11:50

Twitch has struck a deal to stream Blizzard's tournaments through 2018, as well as giving free Blizzard loot to Twitch Prime subscribers.

If you're watching a Blizzard tournament stream this year or next, you'll be watching on Twitch. The two companies announced a deal today that makes Twitch the exclusive third-party streaming platform for Blizzard's tournaments through 2018.

That means that the Hearthstone Championship Tour, Hearthstone Global Games, Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, StarCraft II World Championship Series, World of Warcraft Arena Championship, Overwatch APEX League, and the Overwatch Premier Series will all be streaming exclusively on Twitch.

In addition to the streaming deal, Twitch is also adding Twitch Prime loot for Blizzard games. From now through August 10, all new and existing Twitch Prime members will get a free Golden Loot Box for Overwatch that contains a guaranteed legendary item and three additional items. There are a total of 10 more free Overwatch loot boxes coming in August and October, and there are plans for giveaways for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm as well.

Twitch COO Kevin Lin said of the deal, "We founded Twitch as a gaming platform heavily based on our community's reaction to games like Blizzard's StarCraft II. Since then, our large, but tight-knit community, our constantly evolving suite of interactive features, and a native emote-driven chat language celebrated by viewers enable us to support and grow Blizzard esports in a manner that best serves our collective fans."

You can find more info about the promotions, as well as instructions on how to get your Twitch Prime loot, over on the Twitch website.

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