Get 15 Apps to Make Your Mac Smarter and Faster For One Low price

| 26 Jun 2017 14:30

Ever wish your Mac ran a little smarter? A little faster? A lot faster? You got it. We've put together some of our favorite Mac apps - 15 of them, to be exact - into one awesome bundle that your computer's gonna love. Better yet? You can pay what you want for them at Escapist Deals.

Here's how it works. You can choose to pay less than the average price and get two (still a huge savings) and get two apps: desktop hub and organizer Dropzone 3, and search tool Tembo. Or, beat the average price and get all 15 Mac apps worth over $600. That means instant access to apps like:

Caboodle, an organizer that makes sense of your free-form notes, reminders, and more.

Movavi, a Mac cleaner that frees up space and improves the speed and stability of your computer.

Radio Silence, an invisible firewall that blocks unwanted network connections without slowing you down.

CrossOver 16, which lets you run Windows apps and games on your Mac.

And there's plenty more, from DVD rippers to photo tools. Get 'em all - and pay what you want for all 15 - at Escapist Deals.

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