Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Lets You Import Your Biggest Enemy from Shadow of Mordor

| 6 Jul 2017 13:31

There's a new update for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor that will let you bring your most powerful Nemesis into Shadow of War.

If you've spent a ton of time fostering an adversarial relationship with your favorite enemy in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, here's some good news: you won't have to leave that enemy behind when the sequel comes out. There's a brand new update for Shadow of Mordor that will let your greatest nemesis move over to Shadow of War once it goes live.

The new addition is a free update available on all platforms. It will automatically detect your most powerful nemesis and import them. Luckily, it will also bring over your most loyal orc follower as well. Here's a new trailer showing off the feature.

This isn't terribly surprising. After all, the amount of work players put in to build up their armies in Mordor was substantial, and it only makes sense for Monolith to find a way to bring some of that work into to sequel. Of course, if you've been trying to get away from that one annoying orc for a while, this is just going to make it that much harder.

Warner Bros. and Monolith are celebrating the news by making Shadow of Mordor free-to-play on Steam and Xbox One until July 9. The game is also on sale for 80 percent off on all platform until the dates listed below.

The sequel, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 10.

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