Playstation Magazine Picks New Editor-in-Chief

| 23 Mar 2007 12:35

Playstation Magazine hires Rob Smith of Future Publishing to take manage the publication.

Playstation Magazine, published by Future Publishing, has appointed Rob Smith as its new Editor-in-Chief. Smith comes to PSM from ten years at various Future Publishing jobs, most notably a tenures as the Editor-In-Chief of Official Xbox Magazine and PC Gamer where he increased advertising dollars and improved circulation. Details on the new position for Chris Slate, the preceding head of PSM, have not been released. PSM is one of the many print gaming publications who has had to reorganize to remain profitable and avoid shutting down while ad revenue and readership has risen on the internet.

PSM Publisher Dan Morris is confident in Smith. "Rob is one of this industry's most experienced and well-respected journalists, having covered GameBoy, Xbox, PC gaming, and many points in between. His breadth of skills and his knowledge of the magazine craft will be major contributions to PSM going forward."

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