Barron’s Names Iwata Respected CEO

| 28 Mar 2007 10:07

Nintendo's Chief Executive gets nominated as one of Barron's top CEOs.

In the latest issue of Barron's weekly publication, the paper features its list of the world's top 30 "Most Respected CEOs." Nintendo's Chief Executive Officer, Satoru Iwata, makes his first appearance on the list.

Among Iwata's listed accomplishments are the innovation of the Wii console and the huge sales of hand-held games such as Brain Training. Since he took his position in 2002, Nintendo's cash reserves have swelled to $6 billion, its market capitalization has reach $39.67 billion and shares have risen 42 percent.

Iwata explains his success to Barron's. "We are not fighting against other companies-we are fighting against ignorance of video games."

Source: Barron's

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