Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage Glimpsed

| 6 Jun 2008 15:03

Gamers have gotten a glimpse of some new evidence that Duke Nukem Forever isn't vaporware after all.

Jace Hall, a video and television producer who headed Monolith Studios for 10 years, showcased snippets of gameplay during the debut of his new show, the Jace Hall Show.

The brief footage appeared to showcase the Doom 3 engine, and featured the usual assortment of guns, explosions, and one-liners frequently associated with the classic entries in the first-person-shooter genre.

Game Director George Broussard said Hall played through parts of missions featuring the Hoover Dam and "large outdoor environments."

So far however, 3D Realms has made no official statements about when the game will be released or on what platforms.


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