Video Game Voters Network Breaks 150,000 Members

| 9 Jun 2008 12:22

The Entertainment Software Association announced today that the Video Game Voters Network, a grassroots political organization for gamers, has surpassed 150,000 members.

Founded in March 2006, the VGVN supports efforts to ensure the treatment of videogames on the same basis as other Constitutionally-protected media including movies, music and books. Through its website, the group keeps members abreast of efforts to curtail the development or sale of videogames, and provides links to email addresses and websites of lawmakers involved with industry-related legislation.

"VGVN members should be proud of their robust activity in support of computer and video games," said ESA Chief Executive Michael Gallagher. "These dedicated activists are crucial in efforts to fight back state government attempts to regulate computer and video games. With each political challenge, gamers stepped up and made their voices heard by elected officials. We know that from California to New York and state capitals in between, members of the VGVN directly contacted their representatives and expressed their opinions."

The group said it planned to broaden its efforts to keep people informed about political issues surrounding the game industry by expanding its presence across college campuses and taking additional steps to encourage gamers to vote. "Politicians who think easy political points can be scored at the First Amendment's expense need to know that such efforts will be aggressively opposed by the gamer community," Gallagher said. "VGVN members believe that parental education, not government regulation, is the way to ensure our children only have access to age-appropriate games."

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