Rock Band 2 to "Focus on Perfection of the Experience"

| 3 Jul 2008 09:48

Harmonix's latest band simulation is seeking to perfect the platformed started in Rock Band and innovate along the way.

As hype around Rock Band 2 spreads with leaked songs and a surprise announcement, Harmonix Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Alex Rigopulos has said that the goal for Rock Band 2 is to "focus is on perfection of the experience."

Cries from the Rock Band crowd have been heard, and small details like downloadable content and instruments from the first game being playable in the second outing are being addressed. "It's the No. 1 most-requested feature from our fans," said Rigopulos.

Rock Band 2 won't be lacking in instrumental improvements. "For fans interested in hardware, the second-generation peripherals are an amazing step forward from the first-generation guitar and drums," explained Rigopulos. "The instruments make huge strides in both fit and finish as well as features and functions."

Competing music game Guitar Hero: World Tour will match Harmonix's four-instrument experience and attempt to top Rock Band with user-created songs. According to Rigopulos, that idea was considered by Harmonix but not implemented in the final product.

"We really felt like we wanted to do it right. We're taking a radically different approach to that problem. It's something we wanted to take more time to do it right. It's actually something we're not focused on in Rock Band 2. We're really focused on other areas related to the music and bringing the community together," he said.

The September release date revealed exclusively for the Xbox 360 was part of a close partnership between MTV and Microsoft, according to MTV Networks Music Group President Van Toffler.

"Microsoft has been a great partner for Rock Band," told Toffler. "It's just so easy to download the content using the Xbox 360 system. It's evolved into a great marketing partnership as well. They'll really blow it out for us."

Source: CNN via Kotaku

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