Customs Officials Warn About Counterfeit Consoles

| 6 Dec 2008 15:02

UK customs officials have warned consumers to be on their guard after seizing hundreds of potentially dangerous Nintendo handhelds.

Shoppers in the UK thought they were getting a great deal when they purchased Nintendo DS and DS Lites online for less than half the normal price. The deal has turned out to be rather too good to be true however, as the goods turned out to be poorly made fakes, which may potentially pose a fire threat.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) officers say that they have seized hundreds of units shipped with dangerous power adaptors, which apparently can get hot enough to melt the plastic casing on the wires or even catch fire.

HMRC officials advised consumers to exercise caution when buying electronics over the internet. Pamela Rogers, HMRC's head of property rights, suggested consumers "Buy from a reputable or regulated site, and if purchasing from outside the UK or a new website research the site, check all the facts before you buy."

Consumers who have received counterfeit goods are advised to contact either the company that sold them the goods or their local Trading Standards office.

Source: BBC

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