BioShock Dev Working On A Multiplayer FPS

| 2 Feb 2009 15:00

Job listings posted by BioShock developer 2K Boston suggest that the team is working on an FPS with a strong multiplayer focus and possible MMO elements.

With 2K Marin holding the reins for BioShock sequel Sea of Dreams, 2K Boston must have plenty of room to stretch its creative muscle. You'd think that the house formerly known as Irrational might go the route of another System Shock-influenced cerebral shooter, but they seem to be taking a slightly different road for their next title. Based on a handful of job listings the studio posted recently, they're working on a multiplatform FPS for PS3, 360 and PC with a strong emphasis on multiplayer.

"Above all we are looking for somebody with enthusiasm, passion and the desire to create a multiplayer experience that is on par with the industry-leading single player experiences created at 2K Boston," a listing for "Lead Multiplayer Designer (FPS)" reads.

The game won't be multiplayer only, though. Another listing says that "this position requires you to coordinate the combat across the single player and multiplayer will probably be required to work with level designers to help craft specific combat sequences, though this is not the major focus of the role." The title, which 2K Boston describes as "an action-packed AAA multiplayer title," may also have some sort of MMO-esque (or presistent online) elements, judging from a remark that "MMO design or production experience also preferred."

Rumormongers have continually pointed out the fact that 2K Boston bought the license to the classic PC strategy franchise X-COM in 2007 as confirmation that the studio is working on an official sequel. An X-COM FPS? The series has always been about planning, strategy, and turn-based isometric battles. I don't doubt that 2K Boston could make it work or that a new X-COM would be the bee's knees, but if the new 2K Boston game is X-COM, it would sure be a totally different turn for the franchise. Finally, all of the job listings emphasize that potential employees should be "familiar with BioShock and other 2K Boston/Irrational products and be able to speak critically about them," so, maybe the studio is bringing back one of its old franchises. System Shock 3, anyone?

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