Canceled MMOG Gets Another Update

| 11 Feb 2009 15:00

Straight from the Department of "Why Are You Doing This?" comes word that a new patch for the canceled Tabula Rasa has been released that adds the "long-promised" mech suits to the game.

Five models of mechs based on various classes are now available; any class will be able to drive them but Logos will be required to use their special abilities. The mechs will only be accessible on the Edmund Range Training Grounds, and their use will be limited to that area as well.

Along with the addition of mechs, the patch has increased the size of the Edmund Range, expanded the CELLAR Arena "in preparation for imminent Bane hostilities," added new depots and updated the visuals of all AFS buildings and structures. A number of new named weapons have also been added, along with three new armor sets, new pet and emote items and "Hyper-EXP" tokens.

An MMOG patch isn't usually big news, but this one is unique because the entire damned game is going to shut down in two weeks. NCsoft announced the game's cancellation in November 2008, after a year of sub-par performance that culminated in the departure of designer Richard Garriott that same month. Since then, the game has been free to play, and has also continued to accept new players, a bit unusual for MMOGs on the way out.

That decision led some conspiracy-minded observers (which is to say, me) to suggest that NCsoft might have plans for the game beyond its February 28 termination date. There's been absolutely no indication that this is even possible, but continuing to update a game that's two weeks away from the secret MMOG graveyard is above and beyond the call, to say the least. This is a development team that's remarkably dedicated to its game - or remarkably bored.

There are only two weeks left (so they say) but if you want to get a taste of it before it (supposedly) disappears, you can sign up for a free account and jump into the action at

via: Joystiq

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