More Bioshock 2 Details Revealed

| 15 Mar 2009 16:27

Rumors have been flying around the internet regarding the plot of Bioshock 2, but the latest issue of Game Informer puts them all to rest.

The latest issue of the magazine, which has now reached the hands of subscribers, has some concrete details. First and foremost, rumors that the game would not feature the iconic Big Daddies have been completely debunked.

Instead, you play as the very first Big Daddy, using your drill to fight off others of your kind looking for Little Sisters to replace those liberated, or killed, by the first game's protagonist. Should you choose to show mercy, your new friend will help you out by pointing out dangers and giving you ADAM.

The Big Sister is in too, a quicker, more nimble version of the hulking Big Daddies, and just one of the adversaries that you'll face. As for the rest? My money's on more deranged Splicers, maybe sent even further over the edge after having to quit ADAM cold turkey.

More details will become available when the magazine becomes more widely available, but this definitely sounds like the 'sequel' part of the game, which is allegedly both sequel and prequel. The part set before the original remains, so far at least, shrouded in mystery.

The biggest question, of course, is whether or not it's actually going to be any good. The gameplay of Bioshock drew criticism from some circles for being too easy, and it was the story and unique setting that drew people in. Can Bioshock 2 repeat the magic with new developers and a mute protagonist that inspires terror on all those who see him?

Of course, it's the April edition of the magazine, so it could all be an elaborate joke.

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