Leisure Suit Larry Nipple Slip?

| 30 Mar 2009 13:08

Is it or isn't it? That's the question observers are asking as they debate whether or not a promotional screenshot for Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust contains the first nipple-slip in the history of videogames.

It's difficult to tell from the darkly-lit screenshot whether it's an odd bit of shadowing at work or if this is in fact a legitimate, albeit digital, peek-a-nippy. It might seem ridiculous - well, who are we kidding, it is ridiculous - but the latest Leisure Suit Larry game looks more like a desperate last gasp by a tired franchise than a potential hit so it needs all the attention-grabbing help it can get. And if we've learned one thing over the years, it's that nothing gets headlines like surprise boobs.

Leisure Suit Larry was at one time a powerhouse franchise for Sierra On-Line, along with the King's Quest, Space Quest and Police Quest games. The 1987 original, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, became a surprise hit driven by word-of-mouth sales (since Sierra was reluctant to heavily promote the "adult" adventure) but after five sequels the series went dormant in 1996; Sierra revived it in 2004 for Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, the first Larry game made without original creator Al Lowe, but it sold poorly.

Box Office Bust is, unsurprisingly, far more risqué than its Al Lowe-created predecessors but given how videogames have changed over the past two decades it's also far less remarkable than those late-80s releases for pushing the envelope. All-out nudity and sex would never fly, of course, but maybe this is Codemasters' way of slipping one in by slipping one out. So the question remains: Is it or isn't it?

via: Unigamesity

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