Rockstar Giving Away Year's Supply of Pizza

| 7 Apr 2009 00:27

Rockstar's taking the cake for silly but generous promotions by teaming up with Pizza Hut to give away roughly a year's supply of pizza for topping leaderboards in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Now here's an outrageous promotion that I can get behind. Rockstar's partnering with pizza pie chain Pizza Hut to give away $600 worth of Pizza Mia gift cards. To win what could ultimately amount to (this is if you don't eat pizza three meals a day) a year's supply of weekly pizza, all you have to do is play Midnight Club: Los Angeles and be really good at it. Is that so hard?

Here's how it works: players download the new Midnight Club map pack, then compete in the fitting but ridiculously named "South Central Pizza Hut Showdown." Top the leaderboards and you've got yourself enough pizza to last you a year if you ration it out or maybe a couple months if you want to throw a massive pizza party every couple days. It's up to you, really.

Keep in mind you're only going to be winning gift cards for a specific pizza: The Pizza Mia is Pizza Hut's recession pizza - it's a medium sized pie with fewer toppings on it than your average pizza designed for tight budgets. So, you're not going to be swimming in the fluffy dough and tangy sauce, but hey, one less meal to have to worry about means more money you can save up for the impending apocalypse, or maybe for a DSi. I do wish it were Papa John's and not Pizza Hut, though. That garlic sauce is heart-stoppingly delectable.

Registration is going on now and lasts until April 13. For complete rules and info, head here.

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