Japanese Slim PS3 Commercials Are Really Weird

| 24 Aug 2009 19:54

Sony is no stranger to bizarre TV advertising, but these brand-new Japanese TV spots promoting the Slim PS3 are a special kind of unsettling and strange.

There must be something in the water at Sony's marketing department. That's the only way to explain how this sort of thing keeps getting approved. On the one hand, there's embarrassing marketing, like "Squirrel, Please" or the PSP for Girlz.

This sort of advertising, though? This is on the other hand. The hand that brought us David Lynch's utterly bizarre "The Third Place" PS2 commercials. No, this commercial doesn't make us feel embarrassed on Sony's behalf as much as it does make us feel ... well, puzzled. And maybe more than a little bit disturbed.

Is that what you actually look like when you play the PS3? I certainly hope not.


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