XBox Live Hits 2 Million Concurrent Users

| 13 Nov 2009 10:54

Two million players were logged into Xbox Live simultaneously, breaking the previous record. It's almost like a big new game came out, or something.

MajorNelson, aka Larry Hryb, Microsoft's XBLA Director of Programming, announced in a Twitter post that the Xbox Live set a record of two million users playing simultaneously. Xbox Live boasts around 20 million users en toto, so Microsoft reported that over 10% of its subscribers were logged in concurrently.

It is not clear which game the users were playing, but all signs point to Modern Warfare 2 as the culprit. The tweet went out around 4pm yesterday, right about the time when people got home from their daily commitments and booted up the multiplayer in MW2.

The entirety of @MajorNelson's Tweet:

We just hit a new #XboxLIVE record: Over TWO MILLION people connected to the service at once.

The previous record for concurrent users on Xbox Live was 1.5 million and was announced in January of 2009 after the successful Christmas 2008 period. One would anticipate that this Christmas season would only be better for Microsoft's online service.

That is, until the zombies attack.

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