Robin Williams, Hardcore Gamer?

| 30 Nov 2009 18:50

In an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Friday, Robin Williams revealed that he has been a gamer for a long, long time.

In a two-minute segment available on YouTube, Robin Williams said he's addicted to playing videogames. He then showed his gaming cred with several jokes displaying his gaming knowledge. Williams did quite a good impersonation of a 10 year old playing Call of Duty and said that his daughter is named after Link's favorite princess, Zelda.

"It's always weird when you play online and you get owned by a ten-year-old going 'You're my bitch'", he told Fallon. ""'Hey, old man, I own your ass.'" He went on to tell a story about a French gamer asking for his help in an online match, likening the experience to the battlefield of Saving Private Ryan.

Williams also said that even though he named his daughter after the princess, he doesn't call her Princess Zelda often, "only occasionally." He added that his son Cody was named after another game but doesn't reveal which one. His other boy, Mario, on the other hand...

Usually, the improvisational comedy of Robin Williams is hit or miss, either you ride his stream-of-consciousness tidal wave laughing all the way or it crashes over you without even a giggle. This interview is pretty entertaining, though, if only for supplying us gamers another celebrity to add to our list.

Source: VGArabia

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