Japanese Gymnast Robot Will Doom Us All

| 28 Dec 2009 15:01

When the robot apocalypse comes, walls will not hinder our cruel mechanical destroyers, provided they learn how to land of course.

Japanese robot enthusiast and YouTube video maker Hinamitetu has constructed a robot capable of swinging on a horizontal beam from a standing - well, hanging - start. From what little I can glean from the video, it would appear that this is the fourth iteration of the robot, which Hinamietu has apparently constructed in a large closet or basement judging by the clothes hanging up on the right hand side.

No need to panic though, because as you can see from the video, the robot hasn't quite got the hang of landing just yet. But when it does, we've lost another defense against the robot horde as they brachiate across flagpoles and through trees so they can enslave us and force us to toil in their solar mines.

It is a grim future we have ahead of us...

Source: Gizmodo

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