Final Fantasy XIII International Trailer is Emo

| 13 Jan 2010 18:43

If you're emotionally weak right now, you might want to skip the newest Final Fantasy XIII trailer.

The sparkly shiny world of Final Fantasy XIII is not all "shuga and rainbows" as the game's co-star Sazh Katzroy might say. Final Fantasy XIII's newest "international" trailer seems to be trying to jerk a few tears out of its viewers.

Leona Lewis's "My Hands" sets the emotional mood in a trailer that shows off a bunch of sad people that need a helping hand. The game's characters are trying to forget their pasts, save their children, and escape from loneliness. Of all the Final Fantasy games out there, my favorite characters and most memorable moments are from the SNES-era (including the Opera scene from FF6 and flying to the moon in FF4). Maybe Square Enix can change that with Final Fantasy XIII.

Despite my newly tear-stained cheeks, I like what Square Enix is doing here. Hopefully, it shows that the company is focusing on a well thought out story and deep characters. Many game trailers would try to squeeze in as many explosions and bleeped out curses as possible to try to make a game look cool, and there's plenty of that at the end, but this Final Fantasy XIII trailer's focus is story. The game looks absolutely spectacular, I just hope it has also loads of gameplay like its predecessors.

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