Harmonix Requests Licenses For Rap and R&B Tracks

| 5 Feb 2010 16:47

Harmonix has requested use of the licenses of four hip hop and rap tracks which don't seem to fit into Rock Band.

The Royalty Network is a website which aims to educate members of the music industry on copyright laws and how to protect their intellectual property. As part of this service, it reports when requests have been filed by companies to use the licenses of songs in their catalogue. In the January report, the Royalty Network lists requests for the following four songs by Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band:

Activision has released games like DJ Hero attempting to cash in on the hip hop and house music genres in the music rhythm genre of games, but so far the Harmonix has stuck with rock and roll. In fact, Royalty Network also mentions that DJ Hero 2 has requested the use "I Will Be Here" by Tiesto Benny Benassi Remix (McDonald/Mitchell /Verwest ,Waakop).

Are these license requests the first hint that Harmonix is entering the fray and making a Hip Hop Band?

Gangsta Rap Crew?

Grillz & Bitchez?

Phat Beat Posse?

We could go on all day...


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