Rapper Takes on Super Mario Land's Oddities

| 8 Feb 2010 20:29

This rapper feels that Super Mario Land was motherf**king weird, motherf**ker.

Duane Zuwala, also known as 8bitduane, is a rapper that spits his rhymes over the music of classic videogames. His most recent work covers Super Mario Land, the first Mario game to hit the Game Boy back in 1989. It's a little racy, if young, impressionable children happen to be around.

Super Mario Land was a very weird game compared to the other Super Mario titles. Koopa Troopa shells exploded when jumped upon, a sphinx and a spaceship are end-bosses, "fireballs" bounce around the screen, and there are even segments that put Mario in a plane for shooter-style gameplay. The game appears to have confused Duane, and he wrote this song about it.

I like Duane's work. This is the third video available on his YouTube channel, with others covering Castlevania II and Bad Dudes. Duane and his associates properly put his lyrics in each video so you can understand what he's saying. Some lines show that Duane is not just rapping over classic tunes and that he actually understands the games' content, saying that "liars and cheaters are all around" in Castlevania II's town (as townspeople lied in that game).

Duane's Myspace page hints that a song about Genesis classic Comix Zone is coming up next. He's already got a bunch of other songs and appears to be developing one video a week at this point in time. Duane could be the master of retro-inspired videogame music that includes the work "f**k."

(Via: GameVideos)

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