Gamers Use Mario Clone as Wedding Invitation

| 7 Mar 2010 15:36

The reward for completing most videogames is usually a happy ending, but in this game it's the details of an upcoming wedding you may attend.

Weddings can often be stressful situations for everyone involved. Planning is a nightmare, they're expensive, and attendees must give acceptable gifts or be shunned by the newlyweds forever. Two gamers decided to add some fun to the process by creating an 8-bit videogame to substitute for the typical wedding invitation.

Sent out on a CD, the invitation tasks invitees to finish two levels of a Mario clone to actually find out the details of the wedding. That's right, if you don't beat the game, don't bother ironing that suit. The bride and groom say: "We knew that we didn't want standard paper invites. We wanted something for people to keep and remember. We are geeks. We love video games. Why not have a video game invite?"

The game itself is a mish-mash of videogame mechanics and audio, with level design straight out of Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, but with the Final Fantasy fanfare thrown in for good measure. Players can choose either bride or groom, trying to rescue their significant other from a giant gorilla. The first level requires the avoidance of Kendo masters and pitfalls, while on the second level there are deadly barrels to contend with.

It's honestly quite pathetic, and I'm sure my imaginary 6-year-old nephew could easily create a better game. However, it's still a clever idea for a wedding invite, and is kind of cute, so I shouldn't really bash the creation of two people in love. What groom Niko and bride Darina have really done here is given friends and family a perfect excuse to not attend their wedding: "Why didn't I show up? Because I couldn't beat that stupid invitation!"

Source: Offbeat Bride via TG Daily

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