Nintendo DS2 Rumors Continue at GDC 2010

| 14 Mar 2010 16:47

Will Nintendo release the DS2 this year or not? If recent rumors can be believed, we're a little closer to finding out.

Raymond Padilla's mission at GDC this year was to squeeze out some more information on Nintendo's inevitable DS successor, the "DS2" if you will, that has only been mentioned in rumors thus far. With development kits supposedly on the streets already, there must have been someone willing to speak on the new system, right? There was, but remember that none of this information is official and should still be treated as rumor.

While it's quite obvious that the next DS would have two screens, the DS2's screens will be bigger and have a higher resolution. Particularly worth mentioning is that the small gap between the top and bottom screens will take a hike for the DS2, allowing both to be used as one big screen.

The DS2 development kit is said to be as powerful as the GameCube, meaning that for most developers it will be easy to work with. Reportedly, it doesn't have much of a learning curve. A handheld GameCube? Considering I was the one person that loved Super Mario Sunshine, sign me up!

Re-confirmed was the use of an accelerometer in the system. Tilt controls in the DS2 have been the most widespread rumor thus far, and it makes sense to implement them, so this feature is basically a shoe-in to me.

The developers that Padilla spoke to said they would be finished working on their DS2 games by the end of 2010. Despite the DSi XL being only two weeks away from it's North American release date, Nintendo will likely announce something about the DS2 at E3 for a late 2010 release. That's if any of this can be believed. What I hate most about these rumors is that I was very excited to get a DSi XL before today, but I'm not quite as much anymore. At least I'll know to wait for the DS2 XL.


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