Escapist User Creates Awesome March Mayhem Video

| 7 Apr 2010 11:19

March Mayhem just got a little more epic thanks to the talents of an enterprising Escapist user who's created a showdown video that can only be described as awesome.

It's been a hard-fought clash of developer titans and now it all comes down to this: Two mighty warrior tribes who went to war and touched off a blaze which engulfed them all. No, wait, that's something else. But this is still hot stuff: BioWare vs. Valve, two of the most respected studios in the world, finally squaring off in the ultimate March Mayhem throw-down!

It's moments like this that inspire greatness: Like this video from Escapist user JP Neufeld, an awesome tribute to both teams that's a great reminder of just how much amazing gameplay they've given us over the years. Urdnot Wrex or Heavy Weapons Guy? Saren or Breen? G-Man or Illusive Man? EDI or GLaDOS? I could go on like this all afternoon but I think my brain might explode!

Seriously, the video is great work and a blast to watch, and unless you're a die-hard fanboy of one side or the other it's going to make it even tougher to choose your champion. But choose you must, and soon: The final round of March Mayhem voting is already underway and runs until 12 pm EST on April 8. Don't miss out!

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