Update: TGC '10: Triphop Remix of TV News Interview with Alex Macris

| 8 Apr 2010 18:00

CEO and Publisher of The Escapist, Alexander Macris, was interviewed by News 14 Carolina at this year's Triangle Game Conference and predicted great things for the game industry this year.

Update: Everyone in the office thought that Alex Macris' interview on TV was pretty cool, but George Palmer made it that much cooler by adding a triphop beat and mixing in the other interviews. Grab your glow stick and watch for trails as the musical stylings of DJ P'L Mer wash over you. If only T. Pain was available for some autotune goodness, then this track would be perfect.

The Triangle Game Conference is the premiere forum for the interactive entertainment industry on the East Coast. The Triangle is formed by the three North Carolinian cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill and is home to many game and interactive technology companies such as Epic, Insomniac, Vicious Cycle, Icarus Studios, Emergent Game Technologies, and many others. As President of the Triangle Game Initiative, Alex Macris knows how the area is booming and that it will only get bigger in 2010.

"It's a growth sector for technology and as we start to see things like social network games on Facebook, immersive learning that uses game technology, training programs for doctors and soldiers, all these technologies are all being powered by video games," Macris told News 14 Carolina.

The Triangle area is a big part of that growth, and with so many young people attending the conference to network and meet prospective employers, Macris' prediction that more game industry jobs will be available this year seems to be a foregone conclusion.

The Triangle Game Conference continues today and The Escapist will be covering more panels and discussions with industry figures.

Source: News 14 Carolina

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