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Your heart is full of warmth. You're also kind of a sucker.
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There are only two things that could make this better...
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For when you want to reach out and touch someone.
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The bears thought you were delicious.
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"Don't you cry, he'll regenerate again someday!"
Live to Whisper Another Day
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It's not running away, it's a tactical retreat!
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Cats, caterpillars, coasters, copulation!
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You've lost your best and only friend...
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Meep, Merp, Muuu!
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Earned the Geth result in the "Which Mass Effect Race Are You? Part 2!" Quiz
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What you lack in marksmanship you make up for in blind loyalty!
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He come to town / come to save / the Princess Zelda!
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King of jokes, both hilarious and deadly!
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The Force is strong with you.
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Buttercup? Blossom? Oh No! I - I can't do it alone!
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Your powers are no match for me silly billy.
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I am all powerful! Your new Master!
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My powers are beyond your mortal imagination.
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Vladof's time has come!
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He spent six years perfecting his art at the Chewliard Performing Arts School in Zombie New York City.
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Aka the parts when you're not stabbing folks.
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Congratulations on completing the Ender's Game Quiz!
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You would kill Katniss in the Hunger Games.
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Man, that quiz made me thirsty. How about some overcharge?
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I finished this.
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Howdy, hey are you there? It's me, your best friend.
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There is no shelter from the storm
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Nobody learns without getting it wrong!
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You've completed the trials and discovered your allegiances.
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Through victory, my chains are broken