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I am videogame royalty.
We Gave Our Lives For Normandy
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The Long Ride Home
Game of the Year 2012
Voted for The Walking Dead for 2012’s Game of the Year!
Knowledge is Power
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Earned the "Blue Magic" Result
F Is for Freak
Week of Freak 2012
You are the scariest letter.
E Is for Efreeti
Week of Freak 2012
A fire djinn is the worst kind.
A Is for Alien
Week of Freak 2012
We are not alone.
R Is for Rancor
Week of Freak 2012
Who wasn't scared of that thing?
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Homo Sapiens
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Earned the Human result in the "Which Mass Effect Race Are You?" Quiz
Fishy McSketcherson
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Shurikens and Lightning
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There are only two things that could make this better...
On Fire
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XCOM Extraterrestrials
XCOM: The Beginning
YOU are the enemy unknown.
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XCOM: The Beginning
Vigilo Confido
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XCOM: The Beginning
An NPC Elite Mob has spawned!
XCOM Enemy Unknown
XCOM: The Beginning
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I'll Cut You
Week of Freak 2012
Arr, you scurvy dogs, beware my blade.
What a World!
Week of Freak 2012
The wicked witch is scary no matter what cardinal direction they are from.
The Devil's Weapon of Choice
Week of Freak 2012
Stick 'em in the tuckus!
K Is for Killer Clown
Week of Freak 2012
Don't watch Killer Clowns from Outer Space.
Scary Hockey Goalie Mask
Week of Freak 2012
The scariest sporting equipment ever created.
Rebecca Mayes Muses
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And Yet, The Armadillo
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Battlestar Galactica
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The Cylons never asked us what we wanted. Welcome to the big leagues.
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Jill Valentine
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Look out! It's a monster!
Starring Mike Patton
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Watched 52 episodes of Unskippable
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Pixel Burglar
Stolen Pixels
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Mehrunes Dagon
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Biggest, baddest, most destroyingest Daedra there is
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Clouds don't smell bad. They taste of butter! And tears.
Tested By Magicks Beyond Comprehension!
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Took the "What Magic is This!?" Quiz
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Even murderous assassins can be suave.
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Game of the Year 2013
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Game of the Year 2013
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Miracle of Goats
I wouldn't click on me if I were you.
Sweet Hat!
Zero Punctuation
Watched 100 Zero Punctuation Reviews
Jon Snow
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You may know nothing, but you are still duty-bound to the Night's Watch.
High Five
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
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Miracle of Sound
Take me to the crush!
Apprentice God Thanker
Watched 5 episodes of Jimquisition
Tywin Lannister
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Any man who must say, "I am the king" is no true king.
Sugar & Spice & Scary
Week of Freak 2012
Underneath the Princess's smile, there's nothing but malice.
Triple C***** Hooker
Zero Punctuation
Watched 150 Zero Punctuation Reviews