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Worship the Snake Thing
The only woman protagonist in video games that doesn't rely on stereotypes.
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Always know your enemy.
Sweet Hat!
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Joffrey Baratheon
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You may not be the King Westeros wants, but you are the King the small folk deserve.
Candy Necklace
Halloween Party!
Candy! Candycandycandycandycandy!
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I Think I Know Pixar: Quiz Taker
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If you're going to threaten me, do it properly. Second of all, you're nuts if you think kidnapping ME is going to help YOU cheat your way to the top.
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Royal Family of Edenia
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I am videogame royalty.
Royal Family of Mushroom Kingdom
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I am videogame royalty.
AMP Suit
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Nothin's over while I'm breathin'
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Leon Kennedy
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You're right. This is just the beginning.
The Mandarin
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I am all powerful! Your new Master!
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Starring Mike Patton
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Watched 50 Zero Punctuation reviews.
Alien InQUIZition Quiz Taker
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You may not have made it through the quiz in one piece but at least you're alive.
Master of Blinking
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Zero Punctuation
The first time is always the best time.
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Aw man, I got blood all over my good shoes...
Silence is Deadly
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No one ever suspects The Mime.
Very Boring
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Consider spicing up your life with some new hobbies or interests.
The Red Button
Seriously, Don't Click it
Whatever you do, don't click here.
And Yet, The Armadillo
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Cinco de Quizo
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Do Things By The Book
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True Master of Illusions
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Do Not Cross a Man With Nothing to Lose
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Maximum grizzledness!
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Fishy McSketcherson
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Game of Thrones: The Imp
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Crafty and clever, you're a master at all things Game of Thrones!
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Halloween 2015
You know the scariest things ever imagined