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Birthright is irrelevant, make something of yourself
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Died Trying
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You ended up becoming the hunted instead… it happens.
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Whatever you do, don't click here.
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The Devil's Weapon of Choice
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Stick 'em in the tuckus!
Sweet Hat!
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K Is for Killer Clown
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Don't watch Killer Clowns from Outer Space.
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Brotherhood Of Mutants
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You completed the quiz. Now go forth and fight for mutant rights.
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Shurikens and Lightning
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There are only two things that could make this better...
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There there, you're just the happy angel.
Eric Cartman
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I just want to say: I love you guys, I do... except you Kyle.
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You're The Misfit Toys! You exist.
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E Is for Efreeti
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A fire djinn is the worst kind.
Stay Frosty
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Earned the Corporal Hicks result in the "Which Marine from Aliens Are You?" Quiz
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Black Lotus
Holiday 2010
When merely winning isn't enough.
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