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Sci-Fi Movie Fan!
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You're no stranger to the Star Treks and the Star Wars of the film world.
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Stay away from da voodoo.
Palma Permaximum
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Amat victoria curam
Tyrell Corporation
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More Human Than Human
Personality Quizzes
For the most part you're a kind and decent person.
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Sure, you may not be able to kill much on your own, but your tribe is pretty vicious in great numbers.
Publisher's Club
Awarded to members of the Publisher's Club
Yep, It Was Easy
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Aced our Super Easy Quiz 2010
Do You Smell Something Burning?
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Earned the "Red Magic" Result
Second String
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Videogame music is cool and all, it's just not really your thing.
Chocolate Coins
Halloween Party!
Candy! Candycandycandycandycandy!
Webby 2011
Thank you for helping us win 3 Webbys!
Apprentice Dork
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You have embraced your path, but you still have much to learn.
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Has completed 10 quizzes.
Face With A Name
Has set an avatar.
Rebecca Mayes Muses
Watched Rebecca Mayes Muse
Pixel Burglar
Stolen Pixels
Has read 5 Stolen Pixels comics.
Cinco de Quizo
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Completed 5 quizzes and even got some questions right!
Has linked their Steam account on their profile.
X Factor
Has added their Xbox Live gamertag to their profile.
Make Yourself At Home
Has created a user profile.
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Shared a piece of content using the Like button
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What's more sinister than an octopus drag queen?
Two Bits o' Quiz
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Has completed 25 quizzes.
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Has posted in more than 12 different months.
Watched 3 episodes of Unskippable
Demographer 2011
I took the 2011 reader survey! I am a statistic!
Lady Dancing
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Bust a move!
Loch Ness Monster's Ancestor
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Before Jaws, there was you!
Homo Sapiens
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Earned the Human result in the "Which Mass Effect Race Are You?" Quiz
With Confusion: I Am Not An 'Eeyore'
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Earned the Elcor result in the "Which Mass Effect Race Are You? Part 2!" Quiz
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Bleep bloop!
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A young angel famous for defeating the evil Medusa!
Game of Thrones: The Spider
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You've read and seen most, if not all, of Game of Thrones.
Diamond Quiz Taker
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Has completed 50 quizzes.
Simulated Human Emotions are Tricky
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Earned the Android Result
God of Thunder
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Earned the Thor result
These Are the Voyages...
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Earned the USS Enterprise
Barbarian Rage!
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Earned the Barbarian Result
Treasure Hunting is a Full-Time Job
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Being grizzled ruins your dashing good looks.
Let's Rock!
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Completed the "Sci-Fi Militaries" quiz!
Fuzzy Around the Edges
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Earned the Bigfoot Result
Fishy McSketcherson
Watched 7 episodes of Unskippable
Space Zombie
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In space, no one can hear you munch on brains.
Zero Punctuation
Watched 50 Zero Punctuation reviews.
Philandery and Flirtatiousness
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Don't think we don't see you making eyes at those other badges, pal.
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You may spend a lot on hair products, but are still quite evil.
Now I Know My ABCs....
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Reward For Taking the Gaming Alphabet Quiz
Boredom Personified
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You induce narcolepsy just by introducing yourself.
An End, Once And For All
Game of the Year 2012
Voted for Mass Effect 3 for 2012’s Game of the Year!
Ed Wood
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You've Seen Movies
Jean Luc-Godard
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You Could Be Considered An Auteur
Battlestar Galactica
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The Cylons never asked us what we wanted. Welcome to the big leagues.
The Tardis
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I'm saving the world, I need a decent shirt. To hell with the raggedy. Time to put on a show!
Dog's Best Friend
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Happiness is a warm puppy
Jules Winnfield
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With great vengeance and furious anger.
Dr. Strangelove
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Mein Führer! I can walk!
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My powers are beyond your mortal imagination.
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Once a Professor of the School of Death but now just a badge for a quiz.
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Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing
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You've trudged through the Star Wars Quiz.
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They stole it from us. My precious.
74 + 1 Quizzer
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Has completed 75 quizzes
Notable Poster
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Over 100 posts without incurring moderator wrath. [2 week minimum]
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Probably the most beloved dog of 2013.
Ender's Game Knowledge Quiz Completed
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Congratulations on completing the Ender's Game Quiz!
Hershel Greene
Personality Quizzes
"In all the chaos you found your wife and boy. Then he was shot and he survived. That tells you nothing?"
Grand Theft Badge
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Hey! Where'd it go?
I Think I Know Pixar: Quiz Taker
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If you're going to threaten me, do it properly. Second of all, you're nuts if you think kidnapping ME is going to help YOU cheat your way to the top.
Breaking Bad Quiz Taker
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I've made it through the Breaking Bad Quiz and didn't blow anything up.
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Has commented on over 100 different topics.
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Has posted in more than 36 different months. Wow!