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Member Since: 18 Jun 2009
Last Active: Jun 23, 2020 12:32
Vicar Amelia
Special Events
Defeated Vicar Amelia in Serial Killer Round 82: Night of the Hunt
Father Gascoigne
Special Events
Defeated Father Gascoigne in Serial Killer Round 82: Night of the Hunt
Power Level Quiz - Superman!
Quiz Awards
Faster than a speeding bullet!
Hot Topic
Forum Awards
Created a thread with over 1,000 views.
MM Voting
March Mayhem 2011
I voted in every match-up during 2011 March Mayhem
Died Trying
Quiz Awards
You ended up becoming the hunted instead… it happens.
Forum Awards
Has posted in more than 36 different months. Wow!
The Killing Joke
Personality Quizzes
Earned The Joker result in the 'Which Batman Villain Are You?' Quiz.
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Has posted in more than 12 different months.
Quiz Awards
Everyone's favorite bloodsucking freak
Personality Quizzes
Your heart is full of warmth. You're also kind of a sucker.
Personality Quizzes
Of course your heart is cold. It isn't even beating!
Duke Nukem
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Has watched 10 Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
High Five
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Has watched 5 Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Forum Vagabond
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Has posted in more than 10 different forums.
A Ticket to the Spider-man Musical
Holiday 2010
Falling room only.
Pixel Burglar
Stolen Pixels
Has read 5 Stolen Pixels comics.
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Has commented on over 1,000 different topics.
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Has completed 10 quizzes.
Second String
Personality Quizzes
Videogame music is cool and all, it's just not really your thing.
Apprentice Dork
Personality Quizzes
You have embraced your path, but you still have much to learn.
Cinco de Quizo
Quiz Awards
Completed 5 quizzes and even got some questions right!
Team Rocket
Personality Quizzes
You're consistently trounced by a kid and an electric rat. But you keep trying.
Rebecca Mayes Muses
Watched more than one Rebecca Mayes Musing
The Grouper
Personality Quizzes
Solo is for suckers
I Can Has Friend?
Has added a friend!
You Like Me!
Has been added as a friend.
Cutscene Watcher
Watched 15 episodes of Unskippable
Has read at least one article in 5 weekly issues of The Escapist
Fishy McSketcherson
Watched 7 episodes of Unskippable
Holiday 2009
Watch as I fly through the air and catch myself with my prehensile tail!
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Has commented on over 100 different topics.
Notable Poster
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Over 100 posts without incurring moderator wrath. [2 week minimum]
Watched 3 episodes of Unskippable
Excellent Topic!
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For creating a thread with over 50 replies.
X Factor
Has added their Xbox Live gamertag to their profile.
Face With A Name
Has set an avatar.
Make Yourself At Home
Has created a user profile.
Forum Explorer
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Has posted in more than 3 different forums.
Rebecca Mayes Muses
Watched Rebecca Mayes Muse
4th Birthday
Special Events
Celebrating 4 years of The Escapist!
March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
March Mayhem 2011
Filled out a March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
Webby 2011
Thank you for helping us win 3 Webbys!
Yahtzee Poetry
Zero Punctuation
Knows the depth of the soul of the poet
Zero Punctuation
Watched 50 Zero Punctuation reviews.
Mail Room
Extra Credits
You've got mail!
Vox Populi
Extra Credits
Commented on an episode of Extra Credits
Extra Credits
Watched an episode of The Big Picture after Choice and Conflict
Extra Credits
The cursed numbers of misfortune.
Extra Credits
Would you like another pellet?
Extra Credits
Achievement Unlocked: Meta!
Audio Engineer
Extra Credits
It's all about the music
Level Lawyer
Extra Credits
Free as in speech, not free as in beer.
Junior Game Designer
Extra Credits
Watched 5 episodes of Extra Credits
Sweet Hat!
Zero Punctuation
Watched 100 Zero Punctuation Reviews
Rage is a Hell of an Anesthetic
Personality Quizzes
Mostly grizzled, you know how to hold a grudge.
Kool-aid… Um, Martini
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Has watched 20 Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
WarCry Visitor
Going to any page on
Finnick Odair
Quiz Awards
You would kill Finnick in the Hunger Games.
Spider-Killing Swiffer
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Has watched 30 Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Apprentice God Thanker
Watched 5 episodes of Jimquisition
Journeyman God Thanker
Watched 25 episodes of Jimquisition
Master God Thanker
Watched 50 Episodes of Jimquisition
Has linked their Steam account on their profile.
Triple C***** Hooker
Zero Punctuation
Watched 150 Zero Punctuation Reviews
K Is for Killer Clown
Week of Freak 2012
Don't watch Killer Clowns from Outer Space.
I Voted!
Game of the Year 2014
Voted in the Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014
Agent Imp's Watchful Gaze
You are now under surveillance.
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Has received and read messages from 10 people.
Has connected their profile to their Facebook account.
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Member of 1 User Group
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Has added more than 10 friends.
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Has been added as a friend by 10 others.
Moon Presence
Special Events
Defeated Moon Presence in Serial Killer Round 82: Night of the Hunt