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Guns, guns and more guns!
Triple C***** Hooker
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Silence is Deadly
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No one ever suspects The Mime.
Candy Necklace
Halloween Party!
Candy! Candycandycandycandycandy!
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Earned the Chupacabra Result
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You have a fondness for the pointy end of a stick.
Prince of Madness
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Cats, caterpillars, coasters, copulation!
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Completed 5 quizzes and even got some questions right!
Let's Rock!
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Completed the "Sci-Fi Militaries" quiz!
Go for the Optics, Chiktikka!
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Earned the Quarian result in the "Which Mass Effect Race Are You?" Quiz
Live to Whisper Another Day
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It's not running away, it's a tactical retreat!
Bear Food
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The bears thought you were delicious.
You Killed Frosty!
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"Don't you cry, he'll regenerate again someday!"
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Earned the Lister result in the "Which Red Dwarf Character Are You?" Quiz
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They stole it from us. My precious.
Weapon Master
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Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.
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Dangerous Daryl Dixon
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The Daryl Dixon quiz has been completed with some bruising.
AMP Suit
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Nothin's over while I'm breathin'
High Five
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
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You may not know everything about Rome, but you're good enough to die on the front lines!
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It's the only way to be sure.
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Sweet Hat!
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The Blitzkrieg Quiz!
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Tanks for playing.
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