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The Tardis
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I'm saving the world, I need a decent shirt. To hell with the raggedy. Time to put on a show!
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Life will go on, we will prevail.
The Comic Relief
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With everybody else so serious all the time, somebody's gotta crack the jokes.
AMP Suit
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Nothin's over while I'm breathin'
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Guns, guns and more guns!
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Earned the Possession Vigor
Tank Girl
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Listen up, cause I'm only telling you this once. I'm not bedtime story lady, so pay attention. It's 2033. The world is screwed now.
The Powerpuff Badge
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Buttercup? Blossom? Oh No! I - I can't do it alone!
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Cinco de Quizo
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Face With A Name
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XCOM Global Defense
XCOM: The Beginning
Vigilo Confido
Battlestar Galactica
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The Cylons never asked us what we wanted. Welcome to the big leagues.
XCOM Enemy Unknown
XCOM: The Beginning
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Double, double toil and trouble
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You know your way around a grimoire.
The Mandarin
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I am all powerful! Your new Master!
ADAM Gathering Little Sister
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You've made it through the Baffling BioShock Quiz successfully.
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Leon Kennedy
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You're right. This is just the beginning.
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My powers are beyond your mortal imagination.
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I'm the best there is at what I do. And what I do is roller skate.
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My haiku, I hate broccoli, it is disgusting, why can’t it be meat?
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Zero Punctuation
Watched 50 Zero Punctuation reviews.
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You may not know everything about Rome, but you're good enough to die on the front lines!
Mehrunes Dagon
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Biggest, baddest, most destroyingest Daedra there is
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Guild Wars 2 Quiz
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You braved the Guild Wars 2 quiz and came out unscathed
Just like a Thief
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Kenny McCormick
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Mmmmph mmmph mmmmmph
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Worship the Snake Thing
The only woman protagonist in video games that doesn't rely on stereotypes.
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Sweet Hat!
Zero Punctuation
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Congrats! You made it to the escape pod. Hopefully nothing hitched a ride with you.
Two Bits o' Quiz
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Pre-Sequel Claptrap
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Your ability to walk short distances without dying will be Handsome Jack's downfall!
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Press B to found a city.
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TF2: Demoman
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There can be only one!
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It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you...