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Member Since: 10 Jan 2011
Last Active: Sep 22, 2015 12:16
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Earned the Dalek result in the 'Which Doctor Who Villain Are You?' Quiz.
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There's only so much love to go around. You dole your share out carefully.
Warning to Others
Personality Quizzes
You might not die in a sketchy situation. Hooray!
Spinning Button
Yep, It Was Easy
Quiz Awards
Aced our Super Easy Quiz 2010
Personality Quizzes
Stay away from da voodoo.
Personality Quizzes
Articles, comics, forums, videos ... you like a little bit of everything.
Pixel Outlaw
Stolen Pixels
Has read 75 Stolen Pixels comics.
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You've got your strengths and faults, but hey - you're only human.
Make Yourself At Home
Has created a user profile.
Bad Luck
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You picked up a four-leaf clover and it wilted.
Face With A Name
Has set an avatar.
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You'd put this badge in your profile, but it just takes so much effort...
Personality Quizzes
Your heart is full of warmth. You're also kind of a sucker.
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Big, loud, and obnoxious, but you have legions of (semi) loyal followers anyway.
Personality Quizzes
You may spend a lot on hair products, but are still quite evil.
Cinco de Quizo
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Completed 5 quizzes and even got some questions right!
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Has completed 10 quizzes.
Forum Explorer
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Has posted in more than 3 different forums.
March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
March Mayhem 2011
Filled out a March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
You Like Me!
Has been added as a friend.
Urban Father
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I'll kill every zombie ass I see to save my little girl.
Tough Woman
Personality Quizzes
Quit gawking and toss me that shotgun so I can blast these bastards.
Has read at least one article in 5 weekly issues of The Escapist
Webby 2011
Thank you for helping us win 3 Webbys!
Halloween Party!
Candy! Candycandycandycandycandy!
Pixel Burglar
Stolen Pixels
Has read 5 Stolen Pixels comics.
Pixel Bandit
Stolen Pixels
Has read 25 Stolen Pixels comics.
Extra Credits
Achievement Unlocked: Meta!
Junior Game Designer
Extra Credits
Watched 5 episodes of Extra Credits
The People Have Spoken!
Zero Punctuation
Watched the community's favorite Zero Punctuation.
The Red Button
Seriously, Don't Click it
Whatever you do, don't click here.
The Penguin Flies Ever Alone
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Earned The Penguin result in the 'Which Batman Villain Are You?' Quiz.
Two Bits o' Quiz
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Has completed 25 quizzes.
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Ghoul result. Who doesn't love a good b-grade horror movie?
Notable Poster
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Over 100 posts without incurring moderator wrath. [2 week minimum]
11th Game of X-Mas
Holiday 2011
You've uncovered the 11th Game of Christmas of 2011!
12th Game of X-Mas
Holiday 2011
You've uncovered the 12th Game of Christmas of 2011!
10th Game of X-Mas
Holiday 2011
You've uncovered the 10th Game of Christmas of 2011!
9th Game of X-Mas
Holiday 2011
You've uncovered the 9th Game of Christmas of 2011!
8th Game of X-Mas
Holiday 2011
You've uncovered the 8th Game of Christmas of 2011!
6th Game of X-Mas
Holiday 2011
You've uncovered the 6th Game of Christmas of 2011!
A Golden Ring
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5th Game of X-Mas
Holiday 2011
You've uncovered the 5th Game of Christmas of 2011!
Watched 3 episodes of Unskippable
Fishy McSketcherson
Watched 7 episodes of Unskippable
Cutscene Watcher
Watched 15 episodes of Unskippable
And Yet, The Armadillo
Watched 25 episodes of Unskippable
March Mayhem 2012 Bracket
March Mayhem 2012
Filled out a March Mayhem 2012 Bracket
Homo Sapiens
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Human result in the "Which Mass Effect Race Are You?" Quiz
Master of Blinking
Watched 35 episodes of Unskippable
Quiz Awards
King of jokes, both hilarious and deadly!
For the Good of the Collective
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Computer Psychologist
Never Miss a Shot
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Hawkeye Result
So Say We All
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Battlestar Galactica result
Barbarian Rage!
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Barbarian Result
Treasure Hunting is a Full-Time Job
Personality Quizzes
Being grizzled ruins your dashing good looks.
Let's Rock!
Quiz Awards
Completed the "Sci-Fi Militaries" quiz!
Zero Punctuation
Watched 50 Zero Punctuation reviews.
Taking It Easy
Quiz Awards
You've completed the "Know Your Casual Games" quiz!
Ol' Nessie
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Earned the Loch Ness Monster result
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Has posted in more than 12 different months.
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Has commented on over 100 different topics.
Not So Boring
Personality Quizzes
You're pretty average.
Personality Quizzes
When in doubt, empty your magazine.
Now I Know My ABCs....
Quiz Awards
Reward For Taking the Gaming Alphabet Quiz
Quiz Awards
In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.
Captain James T. Kirk
Quiz Awards
You've completed the Star Trek Quiz and in less than five years.
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Possession Vigor
WarCry Visitor
Going to any page on
Quiz Awards
You may not know everything about Rome, but you're good enough to die on the front lines!
Grand Theft Badge
Quiz Awards
Hey! Where'd it go?
Good Batman
Personality Quizzes
The constitution provides that a man is innocent until proven guilty.
Game of the Year 2013 Bracket Completed
Game of the Year 2013
Congrats on filling out your 2013 bracket! Good luck!
Voted - 1st Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
You voted in the first round! Keep it up!
Voted - 2nd Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
You're a voting fiend! Good work!
Voted - 3rd Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
Thanks for voting!
Diamond Quiz Taker
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Has completed 50 quizzes.
Watch Dogs
Quiz Awards
You most want to play Watch Dogs, from Ubisoft Montreal, in 2014.
Sweet Hat!
Zero Punctuation
Watched 100 Zero Punctuation Reviews
Eric Cartman
Personality Quizzes
I just want to say: I love you guys, I do... except you Kyle.
TARDIS Instruction Manual
Quiz Awards
Participated in the Doctor Who Trivia Quiz!
Apprentice God Thanker
Watched 5 episodes of Jimquisition
Personality Quizzes
Whoa. Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy.
Rocket Scientist
Quiz Awards
The end of Earth will not be the end of us.
Decisions, Decisions
Game of the Year 2014
I submitted a bracket for the Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014
Died Trying
Quiz Awards
You ended up becoming the hunted instead… it happens.