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Would you like another pellet?
Junior Game Designer
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The Tinker
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You know games are meant to be modified.
The Wizard
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Robe and hat not included.
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You're good-hearted and can wield Light incarnate, but you can't fly spaceships.
Master Sword
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Heroes may die, but legends endure.
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Best of the Best
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Achievements, leaderboards, whatever it is, you must conquer it.
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Big, loud, and obnoxious, but you have legions of (semi) loyal followers anyway.
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You might be patient, but you won't take anyone's bull.
The White Magic Girl
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Pure-hearted and innocent, you bring sunshine to the world. Healing spells, too.
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What's more sinister than an octopus drag queen?
Level Lawyer
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Free as in speech, not free as in beer.
Audio Engineer
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It's all about the music
Hat Trick
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Thrice educated on games and learning.
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Watched an episode of The Big Picture after Choice and Conflict
Mail Room
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You've got mail!
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The cursed numbers of misfortune.
Vox Populi
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Zero Punctuation
The first time is always the best time.
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Achievement Unlocked: Meta!
Cinco de Quizo
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Completed 5 quizzes and even got some questions right!
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You are master of psionics and mind-control, perhaps because your squidface is so ably adapted to consume brains.
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March Mayhem 2011
Filled out a March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
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Zombie Doll
Holiday 2010
It PROBABLY won't eat your brains.
The Pony-Lover
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If it's bright, colorful, and happy, you want to play it.
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Halloween Party!
Candy! Candycandycandycandycandy!
The Red Button
Seriously, Don't Click it
Whatever you do, don't click here.
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"Get a life"? Psh. This *is* your life.
Game Noir
There Will Be Brawl
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Mushroom Kingdom Confidential
There Will Be Brawl
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There Will Be Brawl
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Two Heads Are Better Than One
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Earned the Two-Face result in the 'Which Batman Villain Are You?' Quiz.
Two Bits o' Quiz
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10th Game of X-Mas
Holiday 2011
You've uncovered the 10th Game of Christmas of 2011!
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Clever and Crafty
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Raptors rule!
Early Edition
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Aperture Science
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We Do What We Must, Because We Can
Cleaning up the Empire, One Mess at a Time
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Earned the Space Janitor Result
Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist
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Earned the Iron Man result
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Earned the Chupacabra Result
The Doctor Is In
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Ed Wood
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You've Seen Movies
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High Five
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
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I'm the best there is at what I do. And what I do is roller skate.
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Once a Professor of the School of Death but now just a badge for a quiz.
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There are some things you can't protect without fighting.
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You're a voting fiend! Good work!
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Fishy McSketcherson
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Excellent Topic!
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Sugar & Spice & Scary
Week of Freak 2012
Underneath the Princess's smile, there's nothing but malice.
The Lost Vikings
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Which Heroes of the Storm Hero Am I?