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Confused Spud
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What in the hell. This makes no sense.
Confused Simon
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I finished this.
Disney Hercules
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You are animated Hercules -- but that's still pretty heroic.
I'll Cut You
Week of Freak 2012
Arr, you scurvy dogs, beware my blade.
Apprentice God Thanker
Watched 5 episodes of Jimquisition
Miracle of Sound
Take me to the crush!
Arya Stark
Personality Quizzes
You're a rebellious girl and a fugitive with a keen revenge fantasy.
Live to Whisper Another Day
Pick Your Path Awards
It's not running away, it's a tactical retreat!
Bear Food
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The bears thought you were delicious.
You Killed Frosty!
Pick Your Path Awards
"Don't you cry, he'll regenerate again someday!"
Triple C***** Hooker
Zero Punctuation
Watched 150 Zero Punctuation Reviews
Kool-aid… Um, Martini
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Has watched 20 Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Voted - Final Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
Great job! Now kick back and wait for the winner.
Frosty the Snowman
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You're Frosty! You won't spend the holidays alone, if it's the last thing you do.
Voted - 3rd Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
Thanks for voting!
Voted - 2nd Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
You're a voting fiend! Good work!
Voted - 1st Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
You voted in the first round! Keep it up!
WarCry Visitor
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You may not know everything about Rome, but you're good enough to die on the front lines!
Royal Family of Hyrule
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I am videogame royalty.
Diamond Quiz Taker
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Has completed 50 quizzes.
Duke Nukem
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Has watched 10 Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
The Mandarin
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I am all powerful! Your new Master!
Miracle of Goats
I wouldn't click on me if I were you.
A Year of Miracles
Special Events
Celebrating one year of amazing music by Miracle of Sound!
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You have a fondness for the pointy end of a stick.
Weapon Master
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Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.
Welcome to the Jungle
Game of the Year 2012
Voted for Far Cry 3 for 2012’s Game of the Year!
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They stole it from us. My precious.
I Can Has Friend?
Has added a friend!
Sweet Hat!
Zero Punctuation
Watched 100 Zero Punctuation Reviews
Liked It
Shared a piece of content using the Like button
Halloween Party!
Candy! Candycandycandycandycandy!
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Remember, five second fuses burn down in three!
The Elder Scrolls: Adventurer
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You've beaten a few of the The Elder Scrolls games.
The Prince of Puzzlers
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Earned The Riddler result in the 'Which Batman Villain Are You?' Quiz.
Palma Permaximum
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Amat victoria curam
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Has posted in more than 12 different months.
Junior Game Designer
Extra Credits
Watched 5 episodes of Extra Credits
Extra Credits
Achievement Unlocked: Meta!
Meta Meta
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Earn badges from 5 different Escapist shows
Zero Punctuation
Watched 50 Zero Punctuation reviews.
The People Have Spoken!
Zero Punctuation
Watched the community's favorite Zero Punctuation.
Shurikens and Lightning
Zero Punctuation
There are only two things that could make this better...
Pixel Outlaw
Stolen Pixels
Has read 75 Stolen Pixels comics.
Webby 2011
Thank you for helping us win 3 Webbys!
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You are infinitely more intelligent than the pitiful creatures with only one eye.
Urban Father
Personality Quizzes
I'll kill every zombie ass I see to save my little girl.
Security Guard
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Why can't these dang zombies just let me sit here and eat this donut?
Cutscene Fanatic
Watched 52 episodes of Unskippable
Kill Shot
Anthony Saves The World
Watched 4 episodes of Anthony Saves the World
High Five
Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Has watched 5 Top 5 with Lisa Foiles
Early Edition
Has read at least one article in 26 weekly issues of The Escapist
March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
March Mayhem 2011
Filled out a March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
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So sparkly.
Starring Mike Patton
Watched 45 episodes of Unskippable
Two Bits o' Quiz
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Has completed 25 quizzes.
Yep, It Was Easy
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Aced our Super Easy Quiz 2010
Hot Chocolate
Holiday 2010
You sexy thing.
Master of Blinking
Watched 35 episodes of Unskippable
Casual Nerd
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Yeah, you're kind of a nerd. So what, isn't everybody?
Philandery and Flirtatiousness
Personality Quizzes
Don't think we don't see you making eyes at those other badges, pal.
Personality Quizzes
You'd put this badge in your profile, but it just takes so much effort...
The Wizard
Personality Quizzes
Robe and hat not included.
The Fighter
Personality Quizzes
Hit first, ask questions later.
And Yet, The Armadillo
Watched 25 episodes of Unskippable
The Dog from Duck Hunt
Personality Quizzes
He's not laughing AT you, he's...ok, he's laughing at you.
Personality Quizzes
What you lack in height you make up for in charm.
Personality Quizzes
You may spend a lot on hair products, but are still quite evil.
The Lich King
You've got this villain thing down cold.
Team Rocket
Personality Quizzes
You're consistently trounced by a kid and an electric rat. But you keep trying.
Personality Quizzes
Scientific progress requires sacrifice. You know this.
Informed Consumer
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Articles, columns, news and reviews: If it has words, you love it.
Pixel Bandit
Stolen Pixels
Has read 25 Stolen Pixels comics.
Forum Explorer
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Has posted in more than 3 different forums.
Rebecca Mayes Muses
Watched more than one Rebecca Mayes Musing
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You do fairly well in a crisis, but best not to push it.
Cutscene Watcher
Watched 15 episodes of Unskippable
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Has completed 10 quizzes.
The Tactician
Personality Quizzes
You attack games as the cerebral challenges they are.
Make Yourself At Home
Has created a user profile.
Fishy McSketcherson
Watched 7 episodes of Unskippable
Has read at least one article in 5 weekly issues of The Escapist
Watched 3 episodes of Unskippable
Cinco de Quizo
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Completed 5 quizzes and even got some questions right!
Rebecca Mayes Muses
Watched Rebecca Mayes Muse
Pixel Burglar
Stolen Pixels
Has read 5 Stolen Pixels comics.