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+1 Badge of Mental Might
I survived The Escapist's first ever Puzzle Adventure!!
Personality Quizzes
You're a rebel with a cause.
Up Your Sleeve
Halloween Party!
Got the Good Ending in POTA2
The Iceman Cometh
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Mr. Freeze result in the 'Which Batman Villain Are You?' Quiz.
Personality Quizzes
You have your nerdy tendencies, but only once in a while.
The Fighter
Personality Quizzes
Hit first, ask questions later.
Cinco de Quizo
Quiz Awards
Completed 5 quizzes and even got some questions right!
Personality Quizzes
Spontaneity is important in life. You take it a little bit too far.
Team Rocket
Personality Quizzes
You're consistently trounced by a kid and an electric rat. But you keep trying.
Mmm... Cheese!
Holiday 2010
Come and behold the power of cheese.
Yep, It Was Easy
Quiz Awards
Aced our Super Easy Quiz 2010
Arcade Escapee
Halloween Party!
You escaped from The Escapist's Phantom of the Arcade text adventure!
Genre Warrior
Genre Wars
Has fought 1 battle
Personality Quizzes
Lok'tar Ogar! For the Horde!
Quiz Awards
Has completed 10 quizzes.
Quiz Awards
So terribly tortured inside.
March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
March Mayhem 2011
Filled out a March Mayhem 2011 Bracket
Forum Explorer
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Has posted in more than 3 different forums.
Excellent Topic!
Forum Awards
For creating a thread with over 50 replies.
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You are master of psionics and mind-control, perhaps because your squidface is so ably adapted to consume brains.
Webby 2011
Thank you for helping us win 3 Webbys!
Captain Hook
Personality Quizzes
You're just trying to get even with the flying kid who cut off your hand.
Junior Game Designer
Extra Credits
Watched 5 episodes of Extra Credits
Vox Populi
Extra Credits
Commented on an episode of Extra Credits
Two Bits o' Quiz
Quiz Awards
Has completed 25 quizzes.
Help me! Please!
Rise of Nightmares
Trapped in Nightmare Mansion.
Undead Monster
Rise of Nightmares
Fight me if you dare.
Face With A Name
Has set an avatar.
Has read at least one article in 5 weekly issues of The Escapist
Notable Poster
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Over 100 posts without incurring moderator wrath. [2 week minimum]
Hot Topic
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Created a thread with over 1,000 views.
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Has posted in more than 12 different months.
The Red Button
Seriously, Don't Click it
Whatever you do, don't click here.
King of the Terrible Lizards
Personality Quizzes
Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus!
Diamond Quiz Taker
Quiz Awards
Has completed 50 quizzes.
Forum Awards
Has commented on over 100 different topics.
March Mayhem 2012 Bracket
March Mayhem 2012
Filled out a March Mayhem 2012 Bracket
I Am Krogan!
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Krogan result in the "Which Mass Effect Race Are You?" Quiz
With Confusion: I Am Not An 'Eeyore'
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Elcor result in the "Which Mass Effect Race Are You? Part 2!" Quiz
Personality Quizzes
Zug zug!
Quiz Awards
God of jokes, riddles and pranks!
Cleaning up the Empire, One Mess at a Time
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Space Janitor Result
Watched 3 episodes of Unskippable
Barbarian Rage!
Personality Quizzes
Earned the Barbarian Result
Do Not Cross a Man With Nothing to Lose
Personality Quizzes
Maximum grizzledness!
Every Day is Earth Day!
Personality Quizzes
Earned the "Green Magic" Result
Sci-Fi Movie Fan!
Quiz Awards
You're no stranger to the Star Treks and the Star Wars of the film world.
Zero Punctuation
Watched 50 Zero Punctuation reviews.
Now I Know My ABCs....
Quiz Awards
Reward For Taking the Gaming Alphabet Quiz
Fishy McSketcherson
Watched 7 episodes of Unskippable
Quiz Awards
In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.
Personality Quizzes
They stole it from us. My precious.
Dog's Best Friend
Quiz Awards
Happiness is a warm puppy
Weapon Master
Quiz Awards
Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.
Ed Wood
Quiz Awards
You've Seen Movies
Jean Luc-Godard
Quiz Awards
You Could Be Considered An Auteur
The Dead Are Walking
Quiz Awards
You've survived the impossible character quiz.
Quiz Awards
You have taken the Deadly Dead Space quiz but didn't come out right in the end.
74 + 1 Quizzer
Quiz Awards
Has completed 75 quizzes
Space Baby
Quiz Awards
I have taken the Sci-Fi Quiz and have emerged, changed.
Robot Attack
Quiz Awards
You've completed the SimCity quiz like a robot completing a city's destruction.
Dangerous Daryl Dixon
Quiz Awards
The Daryl Dixon quiz has been completed with some bruising.
ADAM Gathering Little Sister
Quiz Awards
You've made it through the Baffling BioShock Quiz successfully.
The Powerpuff Badge
Quiz Awards
Buttercup? Blossom? Oh No! I - I can't do it alone!
The Mandarin
Personality Quizzes
I am all powerful! Your new Master!
Quiz Awards
Once a Professor of the School of Death but now just a badge for a quiz.
Leeroy Jenkins
Quiz Awards
Alright, let's do this!
Quiz Awards
My powers are beyond your mortal imagination.
Puff the Magic Dragon
Quiz Awards
I'm one of few dragons ever to have a song.
Quiz Awards
I'm the best there is at what I do. And what I do is roller skate.
Jules Winnfield
Quiz Awards
With great vengeance and furious anger.
Dr. Strangelove
Quiz Awards
Mein F├╝hrer! I can walk!
Mario 3D
Quiz Awards
It's a me, in 3D.
Personality Quizzes
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Backup Dancer Zombie
Quiz Awards
He spent six years perfecting his art at the Chewliard Performing Arts School in Zombie New York City.
Feral and Ferocious
Personality Quizzes
I earned the Sabretooth result in the Wolverine Rivals quiz!
Quiz Awards
You may not know everything about Rome, but you're good enough to die on the front lines!
WarCry Visitor
Going to any page on
Personality Quizzes
Even murderous assassins can be suave.
Ender's Game Knowledge Quiz Completed
Quiz Awards
Congratulations on completing the Ender's Game Quiz!
Lightning Bolts
Quiz Awards
Zeus has judged you worthy to join the gods.
Quiz Awards
You are the Luck-wearer and the Ring-winner for taking The Hobbit Part 2 Quiz!
Quiz Awards
You are the best at sussing out riddles and answering all of the questions on the The Hobbit Part 2 Quiz correctly.
Voted - 1st Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
You voted in the first round! Keep it up!
Voted - 2nd Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
You're a voting fiend! Good work!
Forum Awards
Has posted in more than 36 different months. Wow!
Just like a Thief
Quiz Awards
You successfully completed The Heist.
Forum Vagabond
Forum Awards
Has posted in more than 10 different forums.
Peaceful Angel
Quiz Awards
There there, you're just the happy angel.
Apprentice God Thanker
Watched 5 episodes of Jimquisition
Journeyman God Thanker
Watched 25 episodes of Jimquisition
Corporate Schadenfruede
It's not always about the money, ladies and gents!
Disney Hercules
Quiz Awards
You are animated Hercules -- but that's still pretty heroic.
Rebecca Mayes Muses
Watched Rebecca Mayes Muse
2 Hours
Personality Quizzes
You may survive for a little while, but ultimately you're xenomorph food.
You Like Me!
Has been added as a friend.
I Can Has Friend?
Has added a friend!
Decisions, Decisions
Game of the Year 2014
I submitted a bracket for the Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014
I Voted!
Game of the Year 2014
Voted in the Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014
Quiz Awards
The Eagles are coming to invade this Hobbit Quiz!
I Voted Consistently!
Game of the Year 2014
You voted in every round of the Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014
March Mayhem 2015
March Mayhem 2014
You voted in March Mayhem 2015. Making history one vote at a time.
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The Old College Try
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Even if you didn't get them all, at least you tried. Right?