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Whatever you do, don't click here.
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Participated in the Doctor Who Trivia Quiz!
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Watched 50 Zero Punctuation reviews.
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Take me to the crush!
Game of the Year 2013 Bracket Completed
Game of the Year 2013
Congrats on filling out your 2013 bracket! Good luck!
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Grab yer six-shooter, cowboy -- things are gonna get rough.
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You bet I do!
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I know what you're going to say.
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Voted - 1st Round of Reader's Choice GOTY 2013
Game of the Year 2013
You voted in the first round! Keep it up!
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Game of the Year 2013
You're a voting fiend! Good work!
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Game of the Year 2013
Thanks for voting!
Lord of Time and Space
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Aced the Doctor Who Trivia Quiz!
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Watched 5 episodes of Jimquisition
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Watched 25 episodes of Jimquisition
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Watched 50 Episodes of Jimquisition
Worship the Snake Thing
The only woman protagonist in video games that doesn't rely on stereotypes.
Watched 3 episodes of Unskippable
Classic Wolfenstein
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Die, Allied schweinehund
Cinco de Quizo
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Completed 5 quizzes and even got some questions right!
Fishy McSketcherson
Watched 7 episodes of Unskippable
Sweet Hat!
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Watched 100 Zero Punctuation Reviews
Ticket to Ride
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And she don't care.
Pre-Sequel Claptrap
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Your ability to walk short distances without dying will be Handsome Jack's downfall!
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Decisions, Decisions
Game of the Year 2014
I submitted a bracket for the Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014
I Voted!
Game of the Year 2014
Voted in the Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014
Confused Simon
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I finished this.
March Mayhem 2015
March Mayhem 2014
You voted in March Mayhem 2015. Making history one vote at a time.
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Watched 150 Zero Punctuation Reviews
Zero Punctuation
The first time is always the best time.
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Watched 15 episodes of Unskippable
Gaming Nightmares
Halloween 2015
You know which games give you nightmares
Evil Dead Wannabe
Halloween 2015
Likes Evil Dead-like movies
My Costume is Ready
Halloween 2015
You're keeping up with Halloween
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Suu can become 'absolute favorite'?