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Randy RT @BraunDuinIt: I can't wait to curve Herald of Anafenza into Anafenza into Anafenza. How could I lose after that? #Bananafenzapalooza
Randy RT @MagicOnline: In addition to the Legacy Cube's return on March 18 we will also be running Rise of the Eldrazi Flashback Events at the sa…
Randy RT @BraunDuinIt: Am I the only one who doesn't get excited by every single rare in the set being a 5-7 mana Dragon? Worried this will be Av…
Randy RT @misterorange: Sweet new mana & storm count cards are sweet. #SCGBALT
Randy RT @Top8Games: Some old school control #MTG playing out at #GPMemphis between @thepchapin and @AdrianLSullivan
Randy RT @prolepsis9: Public Service Announcement: @ReidDuke is in the top 4 of the MOCS. gl reid!
Randy RT @paulrietzl: I doubt many people have played more sealed deck than me over the last 5 years. This is the worst sealed deck format I've e…
Randy RT @eyesofnines: If I'm posting to Twitter I'm either drinking or pooping
Randy RT @eyesofnines: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Randy RT @BasicMountain: Was actually digging the Katy Perry show until My Least Favorite Artist of All Time wandered out.
Randy RT @JustinMcElroy: big ups to nationwide, because as a new father in therapy for anxiety, the idea of my kid dying in a freak accident had …
Randy RT @Chris_VanMeter: I hope all the fucking Goblin Guide/Lava Spike decks just do fucking atrocious at the PT.
Randy RT @misterorange: Unreal. Master of your craft :) RT @klug_alters: Whew, this one took a while.
Randy RT @fffreakmtg: Great job Wizards! You don't hear it enough. Thanks for all the hard work.
Randy RT @lsv: I'm very excited to get the full spoiler for Pro Tour Fate Reforged tomorrow, even if I suspect I won't get to Cruise or Dig at th…
Randy RT @WalkThePlanes: @MishrasFotoshop I predict Pod not going anywhere. Pod is a deck, Cruise is a common that goes in almost everything. Pla…
Randy RT @fffreakmtg: The girlfriend is experiencing pack opening withdrawals while I'm still dealing with the stress of wastefully opening packs…
Randy RT @feliciaday: Uhhhhhhhh hair is long enough now. Guess I need to invest in a comb.
Randy RT @theCubeMiser: .@misterorange Alesha, Who Ate One Too Many Breadsticks at The Olive Garden
Sageidle Help make it happen for Platoon of Power Squadron: Episode 8! on @indiegogo
Sageidle RT @PoPSJakeJarvi: Help make it happen for PoPS, Episode 8! on @indiegogo. The fundraiser lives!!! Please, spread it around.…
Sageidle RT @danharmon: I don't know if I will be live tweeting the #CommunityCentral episodes tonight as much as I will be writing season 5. #TGIF
Sageidle RT @JhonenV: RT if already beheaded.
Sageidle RT @neilyourself: Great joke (requires 1 chicken nugget): Hide it in your hand and say "Knock knock" ("Who's there?") Open your hand and sa…
Sageidle @MalkavianErised I hope you have a very nice day :)
Sageidle RT @Aella_Girl: I'm going to put this down and step away slowly.
Sageidle RT @neilyourself: Flesh Light of Bel-Air
Sageidle RT @tweetsauce: á-§â€¢â€¢â€¢â€¢â€¢á-£â€¢â€¢á-£â€¢â€¢â€¢â€¢à¶¡â€¢â€¢â€¢
Sageidle RT @DamonLindelof: And a joyous, confounding, highly-divisive 8/15 to all you LOST fans out there!!!