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Ciaran RT @ggeordiebore: corbyn ate a pringle tonight
Ciaran iced bun it
Ciaran we are hooners of the flooners
Ciaran @roscoemrtn dressed 4 my heart
Ciaran a dozen tory scientists descended upon my house for a BBQ so i absconded to buy houmous and ketamine ----- in that order
Ciaran @grizzlybearclub Pour non-milk milk first to prevent it curdling
Ciaran @deepxweb chunky yet funky
Ciaran @katieeshearer You light up my life
Ciaran me & pearl are seeing Latrice Royale tonight but can i physically stay awake
Ciaran you Dont need a license to drive a sandwich
Ciaran @fi_nn i think they were told that academies would be amazing and full of more money but it didn't turn out like that
Ciaran wish i could remember where i keep acquiring hoops
Ciaran a difficult day for us All
Ciaran @Peidigrimes Sensationalism
Ciaran @_crucifucks You've ousted me, I am a 17 y/o girl
Christian Acuff 2 hours left and I’m bored as shit.
Christian Acuff â€A thing? A popular thing that people are enjoying and love talking about? I want - no, I NEED - to...†
Christian Acuff RT @RubberNinja: Everyone's excited for E3.. But here I am just excited for Future Trunks coming back in Dragonball Super.
Christian Acuff RT @razzadoop: Here's how I'm hoping all these mid-generation console expansions turn out:
Christian Acuff @TiffyLockhart Truly a dream to reach for...
Lawrence @dominos really? This is lame. 1.5 hours and this? Burnt and where's the chicken? Not mad just disappointed...
Lawrence Who is this
Dan @NeilaK20 Hehe :3 I'm glad you linked them. I like Use from the first one, she's very cute
Dan @NeilaK20 Use and Mokie are both so cute! :3c Those were from before I started following you c:
Dan @Tabrakadabra Be sure to pump George full of caffine!
Dan @NeilaK20 Tiny pet cerberus corgi!
Dan @NeilaK20 Nah, you do whats best for your story :P Ghost kitties don't need to be in there
Dan @NeilaK20 Work ghost kitty in there somewhere :3c :P
Dan @NeilaK20 *hugs* Write it anyway. If you edit back through and you think it does, then cut it down, but you seemed excited for it <3
Dan @NeilaK20 Nope your current avatar :P One of my art pals retweeted something from you I think and I instantly fell in love with your style