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Trivun Luzaic Bored again...
Trivun Luzaic Only linking because I have to... via @iwgameofthrones
Trivun Luzaic Booooooooooooooooooored...
Trivun Luzaic @editorsofficial Remember starting out, with those early gigs at The Flapper in Birmingham? Please RT, we need you!
Trivun Luzaic @OCSmusic Will you please help and RT? The Flapper, a bastion of the Birmingham music scene, is under threat.
Trivun Luzaic RT @Escapism_UK: Good morning all! Safe trips to everyone going to Manchester today! #Escapism17
Mike "Mods aren't a big deal" vs VR versions of games being released as things you have to buy. Whoops.
Mike Finally committing text to this side project I got going. EXCITE.
Mike @GameSack Nah, it's getting to be like one of those lame gamer tags. XboxX...? More like: xxXmetalicafan89Xxx
Mike @RobaatoX Sony has a very poor stance on the classics that built them up.
Mike @RobaatoX Street Fighter 4&5 made me think a 3D fighter couldn't capture that 2D snappiness. Xrd proved that misera…
Mike PS4 / PS4 S/ PS4 Pro-XB1 XB1S / XBX- Wii/ WiiU, 3DS / 3DS XL / 2DS, New 3DS XL /New 2DS Gaming looks more like license plates than console
Mike Has this crossed your path @Bootleg_Stuff 7/11s around here are stocking these.
Mike @RobaatoX Tenkaichi was fun since it felt like a DBZ fight. The new game will be fun but, it'll miss that lovely spectacle.
Mike Did a fast reinstall of windows, things running more smoothly. Pen had some janky problems before.
Mike I get back to everyone talking about E3 and Minecraft. They're featuring a game from years ago? Weird.
Mike @mkinyon By golly, I'll try for that face of determination! *flex* >:V
Mike @pomcomic @dsharp524 Stop snorting desserts.
Mike Liking discord for chatting with friends who don't use gtalk. Keeps me away from the politics on Facebook. Fuuuuck that.
Mike Sorry I've been quiet on the art front, been busy but also trying to figure some things out. Plenty of stuff coming.
Mike @dsharp524 DC got a good movie for once? Time to start storing ice cream in hell.
Mike So, Battlefront 2 is going to have a campaign and you may be an imperial officer I gathered? Just make a new Tie Fighter! :V
Mike @TanookiKuribo @VGArtAndTidbits Wow, this is the most fake thing ever. Nintendo would never feature SAMUS of all people :V
Mike Remembering when I did physical media art, scanning was something that made me procrastinate. I hated doing it.
Mike @lashiec I do not miss scanning. D:
Trivun Luzaic @KTHopkins @MailOnline Decent ordinary folk dead/injured, yet people like you live on. That's the real tragedy of this attack. #bbcnews
Trivun Luzaic @realDonaldTrump Just wondered, what're your views on the weapon program in Wakanda currently being developed using their vibranium surplus?
Trivun Luzaic @BBCOne Daniel Collard
Trivun Luzaic @Evy_Lynch Mine was a grey squirrel, and I was also hoping for a cat. I definitely feel more like a cat than a squirrel... #patronuscrisis
Trivun Luzaic @absoluteradio Really fancy some White Stripes, how about Blue Orchid? #requestshow
Trivun Luzaic Even more amazing considering at this time point four years ago, we were only on 9 medals, right now we're hitting 12 for @teamgb! Nice one!
Trivun Luzaic Getting really emotional and excited about the Olympics so far. Best of luck to @TeamGB for the rest of the Games! #wickedwednesday
Trivun Luzaic Watching the dog barking now, because he has to move more than a few inches to reach his ball. #lazy :D
Trivun Luzaic @khloekardashian The way I see it, you're only famous for your dad defending a murderer. @ChloeGMoretz is (cont)
Trivun Luzaic After roughly 20 years working together, are you looking forward to the next 20 years? #antanddecongrimmy
Trivun Luzaic - Link to the full story, as it stands so far. #DoctorWho #BBC
Trivun Luzaic Bloody hell, she thought, what I wouldn't give for psychic paper... Clara wondered just how the Doctor (cont)
Trivun Luzaic Just starting Chapter 7 of my #DoctorWho fanfic, set after Series 9 ends. For those who've not seen it, my next post has a little teaser...
Trivun Luzaic Is it just me, or does Bobby look like Damien from the Omen with his hair and his school uniform? #EastEnders
Danielle. NEW GLASSESSSS. pair 2! I STILL fucking love Gok Wan glasses.
Danielle. NEW GLASSESSSS. pair 1! I fucking love Gok Wan glasses.
Danielle. holy fucking balls i am pale. bye.
Danielle. I could write it better than you ever felt it. _________________________________ I have a drivin...
Danielle. I sat my last exam and left school today. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY. now only 5 months til I continue...
Danielle. I love large schlong
Danielle. dodgy lighting, woo. six days of physically going to school left. then i leave forever. m/
Danielle. BMTH/PWD/Architects/TDWP tonight. happy happy.