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Jonny Boon @MelissaDeTora Well, hopefully you can help fix what's wrong with development currently.
Jonny Boon @ytv Good God No! :(
Jonny Boon @SaffronOlive @starcitygames Well, there's also the fact that lands and artifacts are "colorless", ergo can fit into any deck. More demand.
Jonny Boon Enter the contest with @fusiongamingWPG to win a box of MM17!
Jonny Boon @ThalliamLoL @Angryrobotics I guess. I refer to the word regarding player backlash for the story and massive dropoff following its release.
Jonny Boon @ThalliamLoL @Angryrobotics Of course. But keep in mind it took the game to fail before the devs even created Adventure Mode.
Jonny Boon @ThalliamLoL @Angryrobotics That's also because Diablo 3 is not pleasant to replay through!
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics Then it's even worse! It's a blatantly terrible game system!
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics How many of those "players" were bots trying to make money on an auction house rather than play a game?
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics Because you were poking fun at the fans, not the game.
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics Considering it's single player was abysmal and the Vs non-existant, who were you trying to target then?
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics The items (and attribute system) were designed around the auction house. It's no wonder why it failed.
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics I think the art design was and still is of a less mature style than the originals, and the game loses a lot from that change.
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics You probably should have made sure it wasn't in in the first place, nor designed the entire game around it.
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics What are it's strengths? I am genuinely curious as to what you think it did well.
Jonny Boon @Angryrobotics I think Diablo 3 is a mediocre game and not worthy of its name at all. I do think it's your fault it went that way. :/
Jonny Boon @charlesadler So people are complaining about Trudeau's way of speaking? How is he any different than any other politician?
Jonny Boon @BioMarkDarrah As long as it is well done, preferably on the PC, then yes. If it is a terrible "cell phone" game, then no.
Guy Sexual Vanilla #LameSuperGroups @midnight
Guy Weird Allen Parsons Project #LameSuperGroups @midnight
Guy Sticky Icky Mouse #weed cartoons @midnight
Jonny Boon Mola evolved to Voyager! Free nurturing game [Survive! Mola mola!] #MolaMola
Jonny Boon Parasites!! Nooo!!!! 300 million of my own kind, all dead. [Survive! Mola mola!] #MolaMola
Guy @Attack that's actually one of Jersey's Finer establishments. Just don't go pee in the alley between that and the wig shop.
Guy Butches @midnight #GenderSwapAMovie
Guy Grandpa's Girl @midnight #GenderSwapAMovie
Guy Hot Fuzzy Strip @midnight #GenderSwapAMovie
Guy Terrie Gilliam's Brazilian @midnight #GenderSwapAMovie
Guy #genderswapamovie @midnightbillieandthea'sestrogenadventure
Guy Welcome Back Katamari #VideoGameSitcoms @midnight
Guy Tyler Perry's Modern Warfare 3 #VideoGameSitcoms @midnight
Guy Batman, Arkham Community #VideoGameSitcoms @midnight
Guy "@BillMoyersHQ:... $ is corrupting our politics." won't this just make lobbyists spend more? Won't improve anything.
Grenge Di Origin @arakaraath more like 2.3 hours of poor battle staging and .2 hours of near-nonexistent resolution to the trilogy's characters/plot threads.
Grenge Di Origin @HutchenceD uhh... You've realized a product doesn't have to look "mature" for it to have strong objective merits?
Grenge Di Origin A Star Trek movie that not only will toss out lens flare, but also keep in the tradition of previous cast members directing? #BringInRiker
Grenge Di Origin @MisterWhip *pounces on the bacon side*
Grenge Di Origin *prepares hand-made noodles for a @KurotheMoop *
Grenge Di Origin @fuegodelalma Really? Reason I stopped is because if I get bored on a Saturday night, I can just summon a demon to liven things up!
Grenge Di Origin @KurotheMoop Take a melody, Simple as can be, Give it some words and, Sweet harmony...
Grenge Di Origin @KurotheMoop what about glomping a Moop? Can I glomp a Moop? :3
Grenge Di Origin ZOMG @wikiwarrior22 is a furry?!?!
Grenge Di Origin What the top 1% thinks goes through our minds on Black Friday/Cyber Monday:
Grenge Di Origin This view never gets old.
Grenge Di Origin I just ran 1.50 mi with Nike+. #nikeplus
Grenge Di Origin I just ran 3.96 mi with Nike+. #nikeplus
Guy @RockstarGames that looks like my custom TDM, Heartattack and Vine #GTAV #Jobcreators
Guy @midnight Mighty Mighty Brown noise #RuinA90sBand