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PurpleLeafRave RT @mrbrianfirenzi: Fixed the Thor Ragnarok poster
PurpleLeafRave RT @hocolland: Justice league AND Thor spitting pure gold in form of trailers why would you be a dc only or marvel only fan when you can ju…
PurpleLeafRave RT @nikeshshukla: Women can be role models for boys. People of colour can be role models for white people. Change your default setting. htt…
PurpleLeafRave @arrilou A salad is a side, if anything
PurpleLeafRave RT @pondsizedocean: ppl who get too enthusiastic about things will always be more interesting than those who pride themselves in being unim…
PurpleLeafRave RT @TailsChannel: EVERYONE is important, your life does matter in this world, and people do love you. If you're having suicidal thoughts,…
PurpleLeafRave @Irridium__ @SexySassyfrassy 0/10, no Breaking Benjamin
PurpleLeafRave RT @ziwe: instead of a show about slaves what about a show where michelle obama tells us everything is going to be ok for an hour every sun…
PurpleLeafRave RT @EvanEdinger: Anxiety is not trendy. Anxiety is a real and terrifying thing a lot of people suffer from. A lot suffer silently. Use some…
PurpleLeafRave RT @paramore: if you're suffering, say it. Suicide Prevention Hotline, available 24 hrs a day: 1-800-273-8255. we love you.
PurpleLeafRave I can't believe it. One of the most defining voices of our generation. R.I.P.
PurpleLeafRave RT @shadors: 7. I'm actually wheezing
Marter RT @Jack09philj: @Martertweet By metascore it's behind GotG, Logan, Iron Man, Spiderman 2, TDKR, The Dark Knight, Superman, and Superman 2.…
Marter So is Jack Sparrow like 60 in PIRATES 5 or...?
Marter @NathanDWallace Oh yeah. Me, too. But I heard that on the radio like 4 times today and just wanted to yell at them.
Marter @NathanDWallace I don't know why those brackets are there. Ignore them. I am dumb.
Marter @NathanDWallace WW might (at present have the highest %) but % is ultimately the less important - even if it's more…
Marter @NathanDWallace Even LOGAN's average rating is higher.
Marter @NathanDWallace I'm not sure but I would guess THE DARK KNIGHT. Its % is lower by 1% but its average rating is higher by 1.1/10.
Marter "Wonder Woman is the best-reviewed superhero movie ever," says someone who doesn't know how Rotten Tomatoes works.
Marter @Zed_Piscine It's very possible.
Marter Okay now I'm actually going to sleep.
Marter #covfefe might be the greatest thing that has and will come from this presidency.
Marter The Smurfs but instead of using "smurf" to censor swears they use #covfefe.
Marter Going to bed now. Stay #covfefe, my friends.
Marter "Covfefe" was probably going to be "coverage." I like to think someone took the phone away mid-tweet.
Marter Also probably xXx 3, and maybe PITCH PERFECT.
Marter Is Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow Accent the Least Consistent Fake Accent Over Multiple Movies in Cinema History: A Thinkpiece
Marter Why do some bank tellers, of all the people in the world, also say "PIN number" and "ATM machine"?
Marter If critics had the power to make movies bomb, TRANSFORMERS wouldn't have even been a trilogy.
Marter I had managed to forget that there was a new TRANSFORMERS movie coming out soon.
David @toa_freak Maybe I'm just being hopeful, but Palmer made no snide mark against Halsey. Think it has something to do with Halo Escalation?
David @kseniaanske Hello, I have a question about Hither & Thither, was the deadline changed? I thought it was tonight but now it says the 25th.
David @Inkitt Hello, did the contest deadline for hither & thither get changed? I thought it was August 10th by 11:59 PM, now it says the 25th.
David @arcthunder Is it possible to mix Saphire Action, Arc Engine, and the lighting script together? Lantern doesn't work with arc. :(
David @arcthunder I've been using picture shadows to enhance the lighting script, but not sure if they will be needed after this. Any ETA? :D
David @King_Seda Going to take the no response, that even my simple plea of keeping the Halo Lore thread updated will be ignored. :(
David @King_Seda Hey, I know you can't help me with my ban. But if possible, aid me in at least updating my Halo Lore thread? For it's readers.
David @King_Seda Sent my appeal to the support email for GAF. I hope someone reads it. Probably last thing I plan on doing. Don't wish to annoy
David @King_Seda Oh, okay. :(
David @King_Seda Hello, Today, I was banned from GAF. Despite my words, I let my emotions get the most of me and I (cont)