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Robert @alexsteacy this feels like one of those anime shorts like Tonari no Seki-kun or something where every time we look…
Robert @G0ffThew given the praise you had for the original couple of seasons, I was wondering: are you planning to watch t…
Robert I’m like 5 minutes into episode 1 of the Vanguard reboot… and Morikawa is…. winning? Show? you’re doing me...
Robert @elgoonishshive you'll be done when you mean to be. a wizard is never late nor early, right?
Robert @slugbox I remember when they first added Yeti to the game (the game is Monster Super League, btw, in case you hadn…
Robert Well, I’m pissed. - The current competitive season for Overwatch ends soon, and I still have some...
Robert yoshira-kun said: Where should one start with Kamen Rider?
Robert harrisbn: How does Gambi’s ass look the same after all these years? he achieved peak OLD™ and has just...
Robert I pretty much knew Ralph was gonna be the final victim the first time they showed one of DeVoe’s new...
Robert lesbuchanan: strawberry-anon: lesbuchanan: Smash that mf reblog button if you’re loving and supporting...
Robert Ravnican Memes - sarkhan-volkswagen: jacethebeltsculptor: So, with @sarkhan-volkswagen writing his thesis...
Robert blaineandsamevanderson: Is it me or did the flying monkeys make anyone else think of Goldar from the old...
Robert The quickest show not tell tip ever. - itstartswithablankpage: ‘Always show, not tell,’ is a big fat lie....
Robert titsandtwosugars: why am I not one of the hot lesbians who told you you weren’t? they are liars and must...
Dr Spaceman @brian_LR thanks for the great shows Brian. Good luck and I can't wait for your (occasional) returns to LR
Dr Spaceman @Mtgbrainstorm listening to the new podcast, you guys are right, kids are a hugely important part of the magic community! Love the cast!
Dr Spaceman @stillnotelf burnished hart, karametra's favor, nylea's presence, and peregrination. Peregrination was excellent for this deck
Dr Spaceman @Marshall_LR Went 2-1 with the all-in Chromanticore deck. It was awesome! Pack 1, pick 1, you're right, you gotta do it
Dr Spaceman @JalenRose love the podcast, but quick question. Why is the nba a pg driven league when no elite pg has won a championship since Isiah?
Dr Spaceman @Dodgers This is great. Wonderful to see a professional sports team (especially one that I love!) support the LGBT community
Dr Spaceman @billbarnwell am I the only one who immediately translated the "Emory & Henry" formation into "ebony & ivory"?
Dr Spaceman @budyluve @TopSpeedBB Glad to see someone standing up for the Seagulls players. It's great to see young guys pursuing their dreams.
Dr Spaceman #koberecovery Back in Black Mamba
Dr Spaceman @BillSimmons Corky's BBQ. Dry rub out of this world
Dr Spaceman @arresteddev fig. Buster was so peaceful in his light to no coma
Dr Spaceman @BillSimmons Excuse me. Incredible/unthinkable
Dr Spaceman @BillSimmons I think Pau Gasol's tweet about his recovery being unbelievable says it all. (And I'm a Lakers fan)
Dr Spaceman RT @MagicJohnson: Retweet to make #MattKemp the @MLBNetwork #FaceofMLB
Dr Spaceman #kiaallstarmvp bryant
Dr Spaceman #spriteslam Colin Murphy
Dr Spaceman #spriteslam Colin murpjy
Dr Spaceman #spriteslam evans
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